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Articles tagged with: Upstream



Interview: Thierry Pilenko – Chairman and CEO, Technip – France

The CEO of Technip talks about how service companies can weather the storm of the current low oil price, how to move from plumber to architect in the service segment, and the importance of R&D in maintaining a position as …



Interview: Didier Michaud-Daniel – CEO, Bureau Veritas – France

The global CEO of France’s leading supplier of testing, inspection and certification services  discusses Bureau Veritas’ strengthening position in North America and China, while examining his response to the current slowdown in the oil and gas industry. How do you …



Interview: Anje Deschoolmeester – Manager Western Europe, DNV GL – France

DNV GL’s Manager Southern Europe, based in Paris-France, discusses the role and the development of the Group’s French subsidiary since its establishment 20 years ago. Thirty years ago in 1984, DNV signed its first contract in France. Twenty years ago, …



Interview: Corso Balboni – President, GE Oil & Gas Le Creusot – France

The President of GE Oil & Gas Le Creusot discusses the site’s status as center of excellence and future prospects for their lead product: the Integrated Compressor Line (ICL). How has the Thermodyn Unit in Le Creusot become a center …



Interview: Roland Teixeira – Country Executive, GE – Benelux

Roland Teixeira of GE shares how the company is promoting optimization to lock in value in an advanced market like Benelux. He elaborates on GE’s efforts to foster projects in smart energy and bring analytics to big data to produce predictive and …



Interview: Alain Lehner – President, Pole Avenia – France

The president of Pole Avenia, France’s only cluster focusing on hydrocarbons, discusses his association’s role in promoting promising innovative oil and gas companies. He also gives insight into the expertise that can be found in the Aquitaine region.   Could …



Interview: Gerard Keser – Managing Director, N-Sea Group – Netherlands

Gerard Keser of N-Sea discusses the capacities that the group has added on since the acquisition of Stork’s subsea department and the step change this acquisition has made possible, as well as the company’s growing asset base such as the Edradour.  …



Interview: Izznan Abdul Jalil – General Manager, Lloyd’s Register Energy Malaysia

Izznan Abdul Jalil, General Manager of Lloyd’s Register Energy Malaysia, shares the company’s strategic focus on the Asia region and how LR is well placed to assist with Malaysia’s ageing infrastructure, as well as opportunities presented by the RAPID project. …



Interview: Nan Yusri bin Nan Rahimy – Group Managing Director, Deleum – Malaysia

Nan Yusri bin Nan Rahimy, Group Managing Director of Deleum, shares with EnergyBoardroom more information on how Deleum has evolved from a trading company to an example of Malaysia’s innovative and expanding local capacity, having been involved in the development …



Interview: J.F. Doddema – Managing Director, Seal for Life – Netherlands

Frits Doddema, global general manager & managing director of Seal for Life, discusses how the company is moving from equipment provider to being a larger service provider through coatings that can communicate. He details how Seal for Life’s coatings provide …



European Energy Security Through Gas: The Netherlands, And The Viability Of The Gas Roundabout

Following the discovery of the Groningen gas field in 1959, a giant natural gas field located in the northeast of the country, the Netherlands started to become heavily involved in the domestic production and international exportation of natural gas. After …



Julien Moulin – Executive Chairman, European Gas Limited (EGL) – France

The chairman of European Gas Ltd. explains what inspired him to build an exploration and production company that operates on French territory.    Could you please share with our audience the premise that led to the creation of European Gas Limited (EGL) …




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