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Articles tagged with: service



Interview: Andrew Mahaffy – Managing Director; David King – Technical Director, Cube Offshore, Australia

Cube Offshore offers innovative engineering design, analytical capability and project management based on extensive experience of onshore fabrication, offshore construction and operations. GM and Founder, Andrew Mahaffy (AM), and Technical Director, David King (DK), highlight the company’s particular connection to …



Interview: Rob Stummer – Managing Director, IFS Australia

IFS Australia Managing Director, Rob Stummer shares how IFS brings innovative solutions to oil and gas customers, empowering them to remain at the forefront of technological changes in the market, and thereby stay more productive and cost-effective. How did IFS …



Interview: Leonardo J. Brkusic – Executive Director, Grupo Argentino de Proveedores Petroleros (GAPP), Argentina

GAPP’s Leonardo J. Brkusic discusses the current challenges of the Argentinian oil and gas industry, the need to work towards a balance of local O&G industry and infrastructure, and the technology development needed in order to attract international investments and fulfill …



Interview: Brian Kelly – Regional Leader Asia Pacific, SNC Lavalin, Australia

SNC-Lavalin’s Brian Kelly details his strategic priorities, the company’s main achievements in Australia, and his focus is on expanding the scope of the company’s services while further strengthening its reputation for safety and excellence to embody a truly integrated EPC …



Interview: Loui Kannikoski – Founder & MD, Bhagwan Marine, Australia

Loui Kannikoski highlights several of the marine service provider’s recent milestones and how they’ve ultimately helped position the company as the largest Australian vessel operator servicing the oil and gas industry. He also explains how Bhagwan has adapted its fleet …



Interview: Nabil Alalawi – CEO, AlMansoori, Abu Dhabi

Nabil Alalawi, CEO of AlMansoori, shares the inspiration behind the company’s founding, the business philosophy behind its success over the past four decades, the company’s 12 principles of service attitude governing exceptional customer service, and his optimism for AlMansoori’s future …



Interview: Frank Mollen – Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the UAE, Abu Dhabi

Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the UAE, Frank Mollen, discusses his priorities as Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, his ambitions to see trade increase between both nations and why Royal Dutch Shell and other Dutch companies …



Interview: Shamis Al Dhaheri – Group Managing Director, Ali & Sons, Abu Dhabi

Shamis Al Dhaheri of Ali & Sons explains the group’s evolution over time, the reasons for shifting from supply-side to service-side, and how to navigate what is a competitive and turbulent market. Could you please start by introducing Ali & Sons …



Interview: Fanny Herawati – Founder and Director, PT. Navita Origo Solutions, Indonesia

Navita Origo’s Fanny Herawati explains why she founded the company, the role it plays providing IT solutions to the Indonesian oil and gas industry, and her plans for developing and growing the business. Could you please start by introducing Navita Origo and …



Interview: Christopher Townsend – Managing Director, Adour International – France

Adour International, with offices in Houston, Aberdeen, Paris and Lagos, helps companies with industrial partnering in countries where local content legislation applies. The founder of the company talks about its niche expertise in Nigerian local content and due diligence work in the …



Interview: Paul Dits – Director, Kreber – Netherlands

Paul Dits discusses Kreber’s over 112 years of history as a designer and manufacturer of tailor made solutions, the new vision and impetus he has implemented since joining the management team. What is Kreber’s value proposition today? Kreber is an …



Interview: Jelte Kymmell – Managing Director, Mocean Offshore – Netherlands

Jelte Kymmell shares the vision he had in creating Mocean as a specialist high-end engineering firm involved in complex projects as the early stage of their inception, the company’s focus on R&D and producing relevant solutions to problems facing the …




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