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Articles tagged with: Egypt



Interview: Eng. Khaled AbuBakr – Executive Chairman, Egyptian Gas Association

The executive chairman of the Egyptian Gas Association, Eng. Khaled AbuBakr highlights the association’s recent milestone in obtaining preliminary approval to establish an independent gas regulator and how this move serves to liberalize the gas market and encourage more private …



Interview: Paul Dixon – Regional Director and General Manager, ODE North Africa (ODENA), Egypt

Paul Dixon, Regional Director and General Manager of ODE North Africa (ODENA), outlines his remit for the region; the service offerings that ODE, as a UK design and engineering house, can contribute to the oil and gas industry in Egypt …



Interview: Ian Hewitt – CEO, PICO Cheiron Group, Egypt

Ian Hewitt, CEO of PICO Cheiron Group, outlines the mandate he was given in February 2016 to take the family-owned company into the next level as an international oil and gas entity, the focus of PICO Cheiron on exploiting their …



Interview: Osama Halim – Area Manager, Egypt and Libya, Halliburton

Osama Halim, Halliburton’s area manager for Egypt and Libya, discusses his first impressions of his home country after having worked in the international oil and gas industry for two decades; the innovative and tailored solutions that Halliburton is bringing to …



Egyptian Enterprise in a Low-Cost Environment

Egyptian oil and gas companies, as well as international outfits with operations in Egypt, have managed to come to terms with the problems of political instability and public debt; largely through expanding into new areas and adding value for clients. “The [Egyptian] …



Interview: Maged Halim – Deputy General Manager & Exploration General Manager, Merlon Petroleum, Egypt

Eng. Maged Halim of Merlon Petroleum provides his insights on the Egyptian petroleum industry based on his extensive experience working in the public and private oil and gas sectors for over three decades. Eng. Maged, can you provide a little …



Interview: Eng. Said Riad – CEO, SAPESCO Africa

Eng. Said Riad, CEO of Sahara Petroleum Services (SAPESCO), introduces the story of SAPESCO, one of the most successful Egyptian oilfield services companies with over 30 years of experience, its strategy for successfully navigating the industry downturn in the past …



Interview: Hossam Emad – Vice Chairman, General Trade Union of Petroleum Workers (GTUPW), Egypt

Hossam Emad, Vice Chairman of the General Trade Union of Petroleum Workers (GTUPW) in Egypt, provides an overview of the organization’s role and activities, as well as his thoughts on the petroleum labor market in Egypt. Can you please give …



Interview: Premjith Sadasivan – Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore to Egypt

Singapore’s Ambassador to Egypt, Premjith Sadasivan, outlines the strategic significance of the visits made by both heads of state to Singapore and Egypt respectively, the scope for cooperation in the Suez Canal Economic Zone, water desalination and power generation as …



Interview: Jadalla Al Awakly – Member of the Board of Directors for Processing, Planning, IT & Communication, National Oil Corporation (NOC), Libya

Jadalla Al Awakly, board member of Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC), highlights Libya’s renewed potential as the African country with the largest crude reserves, the main priority of restoring production to pre-conflict levels of 1.7 million barrels per day (bpd), …



Interview: Tamer AbuBakr – Chairman, Petroleum & Mining Chamber, Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI)

Tamer AbuBakr speaks to us in his capacity as the Chairman of the Federation of Egyptian Industries’ Petroleum and Mining Chamber to provide some insight into the current state of the Egyptian oil and gas industry, his thoughts on the …



Manning the Egyptian Energy Sector with Power

The Egyptian Ministry of Manpower recently launched the Graduate Technician Training Program in collaboration with oilfield service giant Schlumberger to prepare the next generation of technicians to capitalize on Egypt’s abundant natural resources. “Egypt… is not only blessed with seemingly …




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