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Articles tagged with: Drilling



Interview: Kardaya Warnika – Chairman, Commission VII, Indonesia

The chairman of the Indonesian parliament’s influential energy commission voices his opinions on a whole host of topical issues affecting the local hydrocarbons industry from the restructuring of the regulatory apparatus to the new oil and gas law in the …



Interview: Nathan Meehan – Senior Advisor to Global Management Board, Baker Hughes, Indonesia

The Senior Advisor to the Global Management Board of one of the world’s top 4 oil field service companies discusses the significance of the South East Asian marketplace for the application of cutting-edge drilling technologies and about how turbulent oil …



Interview: Fanny Herawati – Founder and Director, PT. Navita Origo Solutions, Indonesia

Navita Origo’s Fanny Herawati explains why she founded the company, the role it plays providing IT solutions to the Indonesian oil and gas industry, and her plans for developing and growing the business. Could you please start by introducing Navita Origo and …



Interview: Andang Bachtiar – Chairman, National Exploration Committee, Indonesia

The chairman of the newly formed National Exploration Committee unveils his blueprint for unblocking investment flows into Indonesia’s upstream oil and gas segment and for incentivizing exploration activity. Tell us about your recent appointment as chairman of the national committee …



Interview: Irian Sitorus Pane – General Manager, Quest Geophysical Asia, Indonesia

The general manager of one of Indonesia’s more versatile geophysical and seismic study outfits discusses the stiff competition in a local market somewhat insulated by the drop in oil price and why the smart money is on operating in the …



Interview: Lukman Mahfoedz – CEO, Medco, Indonesia

The CEO of one of Indonesia’s foremost home-grow success stories speaks out about his company’s achievements in monetizing stranded gas fields and about the Sarulla Power Project in North Sumatra as the largest single-contract geothermal power project in the world. …



Interview: Ludovic Macresy – President, DrillScan – France

Since 2001, DrillScan has delivered software, services and training to the drilling community. Learn more from the president on how their software is recognized as the most advanced for complex wells. Could you please introduce DrillScan’s activity? DrillScan is a privately …



Interview: Joost Lasschuit – Managing Director, Top Side Offshore Technology – Netherlands

Joost Lasschuit elaborates on his aspirations for Top Side Offshore Technology, mainly to offer an all-encompassing operations control center for offshore with an expanded product portfolio and expanded global reach in the world’s offshore hubs. What were your initial aspirations in …



Interview: Salim Mouici – Country Director, Baker Hughes Algeria

Baker Hughes’ North & West Africa cluster manager talks about the company’s history in Algeria and the solutions Baker Hughes brings to the market to match Algeria’s current economic environment. You took the position as the head of Baker Hughes’ West African cluster …



Interview: Jan Willem Tegelaar, General Manager – PPG Protective Marine Coatings – EMEA and Kees van der Kolk, Global Technical Director – PPG Protective and Marine Coatings – Netherlands

Jan Willem Tegelaar, General Manager – PPG Protective and Marine Coatings EMEA, and Kees van der Kolk, Global Technical Director – PPG Protective and Marine Coatings, discuss how PPG is “bringing innovation to the surface” via such products as PITT-CHAR …



Interview: David Richard – President & CEO, Entrepose Drilling – France

The CEO of Entreprose Drilling, a company that specializes in deep onshore drilling, discusses his company’s achievements in geothermal energy and provides insight into his ventures in India. How does Entrepose Drilling contribute to the Entrepose Group’s strategy? Entrepose Group, …



Interview: Gerben Wansink – CEO, Maats – Netherlands

Maats’s CEO explains the company’s ambitions for continued global growth in onshore and upstream, what makes Maats stand apart from its competitors, and the exciting technologies the company brings to the industry. How has the company evolved in the past …




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