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Articles tagged with: strategy



Interview: Antonio Llardén – Executive Chairman, Enagás, Spain

Antonio Llardén, executive chairman of Enagás, one of the foremost LNG players in Europe and the Spanish transmissions operator, describes the geostrategic challenges inherent in building a more integrated European energy market. Could you please start by giving us a …



Interview: Rafael Villaseca – CEO, Gas Natural Fenosa, Spain

Rafael Villaseca, CEO of Gas Natural Fenosa, describes the Spanish energy sector’s resilience to market uncertainties, Gas Natural Fenosa’s move to integrate its gas and electricity businesses, the company’s internationalization strategies, and the competitive edge of Spanish energy outfits abroad. …



Interview: Luis Abril – Global Head of Energy, Industry & Consumer Products; Roberto Diaz – Global Director Oil & Gas, Indra, Spain

In a wide-ranging interview, Luis Abril, who heads the Energy Division at Spanish-based Indra, and Roberto Díaz, Oil & Gas Director, reveal precisely how Indra has utilized its diversity and experience to survive during a difficult period for the oil …



Interview: José Luis López de Silanes – Chairman, CLH, Spain

The chairman of CLH, Spain’s number one oil transport and storage company, explains how increasing efficiency, internationalization and expanding the firm’s range of services are at the very core of his vision for the future. He outlines how the energy …



Interview: Joan Franco Poblet – Chairman, BAC Engineering Consultancy Group, Spain

Joan Franco Poblet, chairman of BAC Engineering Consultancy Group, talks M&A both in Spain and further afield, international expansion, and his advice for the next generation of Spanish engineers. Could you please start by introducing BAC Engineering Consultancy Group, which …



Interview: Hatem Nuseibeh – President E&P UAE & Group Representative in the UAE, Total

Total UAE’s Hatem Nuseibeh discusses the current state of Abu Dhabi’s oil and gas industry, Total’s strategy to take advantage of the emirate’s energy diversification policies, and the company’s evolving attitudes to partnerships. 2017 represents quite an exciting time for …



Interview: Pedro Miro – Vice Chairman and CEO, Cepsa, Spain

The president of perhaps the world’s most innovative chemical petroleum outfit gives great insight into his firm’s diversification, current difficulties in the European market and where he believes future opportunities will quickly arise in forthcoming years. Pedro Miro concludes the …



Interview: Eng. Mohamed Abdel Rahman Hathout – Chairman and CEO, ENPPI, Egypt

Eng. Mohamed Abdel Rahman Hathout, Chairman and CEO of state-owned Engineering for the Petroleum and Process Industries (ENPPI), highlights the mandate he was entrusted with at his appointment, ENPPI’s track record of successful projects in Egypt and internationally, and their …



Interview: Eng. Osama Mahdy – Chairman and CEO, SIDPEC, Egypt

Eng. Osama Mahdy, of Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals Company (SIDPEC), highlights the company’s amazing journey of success in the past 17 years and the important position SIDPEC occupies within Egypt’s petrochemicals sector. Eng. Osama, can you give an overview of Sidi …



Interview: Dr. Thomas Radwitz – General Manager, DEA Egypt

Dr. Thomas Radwitz, GM of DEA Egypt, outlines the role of Egypt in DEA’s international portfolio and the company’s growth strategy.   Dr. Radwitz, having previously worked in Egypt for DEA, what were your first impressions of Egypt when you …



Interview: Patrick Allman-Ward, CEO, Dana Gas, UAE

Patrick Allman-Ward, the CEO of Dana Gas, discusses the company’s impressive recent production increases in Egypt as well as the immense potential the company sees when looking to their assets in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. He also expands on …



Interview: Dr. Mohamed Saad Eldin – Chairman, Saad Eldin Group, Egypt

Dr. Mohamed Saad Eldin, Chairman of Saad Eldin Group, tells us how the Group developed from an LPG gas cylinder distribution and refilling company into a diversified empire today with over 1800 employees and involvement in a number of sectors, …




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