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Articles tagged with: training



Manning the Egyptian Energy Sector with Power

The Egyptian Ministry of Manpower recently launched the Graduate Technician Training Program in collaboration with oilfield service giant Schlumberger to prepare the next generation of technicians to capitalize on Egypt’s abundant natural resources. “Egypt… is not only blessed with seemingly …



Interview: Hong Namkoong – Vice President & Managing Director, Samsung Engineering UAE

Samsung Engineering UAE’s Hong Namkoong reveals the strategic importance of the UAE to their global operations; the company’s contribution to the UAE´s Emiratization initiative by providing vocational training, education and internship programs to nationals; and their decentralized strategy, increasing the level of …



Interview: Cheryl Cartwright – CEO, Australian Pipeline and Gas Association (APGA), Australia

The CEO of the Australian Pipeline and Gas Association (APGA), Cheryl Cartwright portrays the value that gas serves in the nation’s energy mix, and highlights a few of the challenges created in the domestic gas market by the growing presence …



Interview: Christopher Townsend – Managing Director, Adour International – France

Adour International, with offices in Houston, Aberdeen, Paris and Lagos, helps companies with industrial partnering in countries where local content legislation applies. The founder of the company talks about its niche expertise in Nigerian local content and due diligence work in the …



Falck Safety Services Netherlands – John Herfkens, Managing Director

The managing director of Falck Safety Services Netherlands, home of the largest safety training facility in the world, discusses the correct approach to safety in developed markets, and how companies like Falck can work above and beyond safety requirements in …



IFS Solutions Asia Pacific – Sridharan Arumugam, Vice President Southeast Asia – Malaysia

Sridharan Arumugam discusses the advantages offered by IFS applications and why he believes these tools have become a must-have for oil and gas companies in Southeast Asia in the past years. He also describes growing and evolving the business in …



Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) – Datuk Ir (Dr) Abdul Rahim Hashim, Vice Chancellor and CEO – Malaysia

Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) was established in 1997 and has grown to be one of the most prominent private universities in Malaysia. The Vice Chancellor and CEO of the University, Datuk Abdul Rahim Hashim, explains why he believes that the university …



Association of the Mexican Petroleum Industry (AMIPE) – Erik Legorreta, President

The president and founder of the Association of the Mexican Petroleum Industry (AMIPE) discusses the industry’s participation in the recent reform process, and his ambitions for local firms in this new era of Mexican energy.   We’ve seen your name …



Swift Worldwide Resources – Charles Pfauwadel, Country Manager – Singapore

Charles Pfauwadel of Swift Worldwide Resources Singapore speaks about his company’s presence in the city-state, the human resource context in the economic super-centre and how his business helps oil and gas companies connect with the right candidates. In particular, Swift’s …



IRO – Sander Vergroesen, Managing Director – Netherlands

Sander Vergroesen describes how the IRO represents its members in the international sphere, attending trade conferences to highlight the strengths of Dutch industries supplying the oil and gas industry. He cites synergies as a key strength of these businesses, who …



Bourbon Offshore Asia – Rendy Ariffin, Managing Director – Singapore

Rendy Ariffin, Managing Director of Bourbon Offshore Asia, discusses the Group’s service-driven model for both marine & subsea operations since its implantation in Asia Pacific. Bourbon Offshore aims to offers more than just a vessel and is expanding within the …



Sphere Training & Services – Anton Greeff, Director – Singapore

Anton Greeff, Director of Sphere Training and Services explains the original approach his company has taken to training adults, delivering courses in subsea capabilities and well control engineering. He talks about the strict selection process he has for Sphere staff and …




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