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Articles tagged with: supply



Interview: Pedro Miras Salamanca – Chairman, CORES, Spain

Pedro Miras Salamanca, chairman at the Spanish oil stockholding entity CORES, and chairman of the International Energy Agency (IEA)’s Standing Group on Emergency Questions (SEQ), discusses his dual responsibilities, CORES’ mission and model, Spain’s potential to become further integrated into …



Interview: Olaf Grimm – Managing Director, Sigma Oilfield Services (Mazrui Holdings), Abu Dhabi

The managing director of Sigma Oilfield Services, Olaf Grimm, reveals how Sigma is a family-owned international oilfield service and industrial supply company with an excellent track record of successful installations in the Middle East, particularly in the UAE, why an …



Interview: Berend Reinink – CEO, Hendrik Veder Group, The Netherlands

The CEO of Hendrik Veder Group, Berend Reinink discusses the on-going integration efforts with respect to the group’s recent formation and how this newly formed organization will help enable the company to provide unparalleled standards in the supply of wire …



Interview: Richard Cornelissen – CEO, PFF Group – Netherlands

Richard Cornelissen discusses the total package supply and management offered by PFF, the quality of the company’s products and the long-term relationships it fosters within the industry, as well as PFF’s ambitious international growth agenda. What are the main challenges facing PFF Group …



Interview: Jan Willem Tegelaar, General Manager – PPG Protective Marine Coatings – EMEA and Kees van der Kolk, Global Technical Director – PPG Protective and Marine Coatings – Netherlands

Jan Willem Tegelaar, General Manager – PPG Protective and Marine Coatings EMEA, and Kees van der Kolk, Global Technical Director – PPG Protective and Marine Coatings, discuss how PPG is “bringing innovation to the surface” via such products as PITT-CHAR …



Interview: Steve Harley & Patrick Corsagni – President & Vice President, DHL Energy – France

The president and vice president of DHL Energy discuss the division’s rapid evolution in the last three years, provide insight into their 2020 strategy and highlight the growing importance of customized supply chain solutions. What has been the evolution of …



Interview: See Kok Yew – Chairman, ExxonMobil Malaysia

See Kok Yew, Chairman of the ExxonMobil Subsidiaries in Malaysia, offers insights into the company’s pioneering Tapis Enhanced Oil Recovery project, as well as detailing the ExxonMobil’s commitment to Malaysia as one of the largest local US investors and supplier of approximately …



Interview: Sheik Khalid Bin Khalifa Al Thani, CEO, Qatargas

The CEO of Qatargas discusses his country’s role as the largest LNG supplier in the world, what will shape the future of the LNG industry, and how Qatargas is taking steps to ensure stable and green development in the years to …



Interview: Hamad Rashid Al-Mohannadi, CEO, RasGas, Qatar

The CEO of RasGas offers his perspectives on current risks in the global LNG market, how LNG will contribute to the development of Qatar, and the challenges of balancing domestic gas supply and export.   What would you identify as …



Interview: Peter Ong See Kong & Kay Ong, MD & MD Designate, Oilfield Services and Supplies, Singapore

Peter Ong See Kong, Managing Director and Kay Ong, Managing Director Designate, describe Oilfield Services and Supplies’ manufacturing capabilities and the specialist equipment they provide. Building on growing interest in the region, the business is expanding both geographically and physically, as …



Interview: H.E Issa Shahin Al Ghanim, Governor of OPEC for Qatar

Qatar’s governor of OPEC explains that one of his country’s important roles within OPEC as a small oil producer is to counter negative perceptions about the organization and its members. He also discusses the continuing place for OPEC in the …




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