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Articles tagged with: ports



Mozambique’s Gas Dream in Danger

The discovery of 100 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in 2010 had the potential to precipitate a turnaround for the troubled east African country of Mozambique; which has enough reserves to become the world’s third-largest exporter of LNG. However, …



Game On for Natural Gas

Global gas demand is projected to grow by at least 1.6 per cent year on year over the next 25 years, which will be more than enough to propel gas’s share of the world energy markets to over 25 per …



Interview: Hary Haryanto – Country Manager, BDP International, Indonesia

Hary Haryanto explains the unique characteristics of Indonesia from a logistics perspective and highlights how the combined efforts of his team and the expertise BDP International offers have enabled him to significantly increase their revenue in only three years. He …



How The Netherlands Is Keeping Up With Exploration and Production

Production is declining worldwide and the Netherlands is no exception. This article explainss how the country is responding to the challenge. It forms part of EnergyBoardrooms’ 2015 Netherlands Report – click here to download the whole report. Like its North …



Interview: Mikhail Blekherov – President, CRC-Evans Onshore East – Netherlands

Mikhail Blekherov discusses CRC-Evans’ new fit-for-purpose facility in the Netherlands that the company is building into a center for excellence for its Onshore East division, and the international reach of the Netherlands office in geographies as varied as Russia, China, Algeria and …



National LNG Platform event marks new step forwards for LNG as a fuel

The GATE terminal in Rotterdam, the Netherlands is the installation on which a long chain of connections may stem from in future; the LNG terminal will provide for increasing numbers of trucks, barges and ships in the Netherlands and beyond. …



Interview: H.E Issa Shahin Al Ghanim, Governor of OPEC for Qatar

Qatar’s governor of OPEC explains that one of his country’s important roles within OPEC as a small oil producer is to counter negative perceptions about the organization and its members. He also discusses the continuing place for OPEC in the …




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