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Articles tagged with: nuclear



Michel de Fabiani – Vice President, Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Michel de Fabiani, Vice-President of the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry and former President of BP Europe, discusses business relations between France and the UK, and the prominence of the energy field. Could you introduce yourself to our international …



Interview: HE Dr. Seyed Mohammed Hossein Adeli, Secretary General, Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), Qatar

The secretary general of the GECF discusses the global rise of gas, the need to create a new international institution to promote the interests of gas exporting countries, and the role of Qatar in today’s global gas mix. You have …



German inefficiency? The Wind of Change

According to a senior spokesman at utility company RWE, Germany’s successful transition to a green-powered economy will be a Herculean challenge for the government. The German power market industry is confronting two core challenges: nuclear phase out and the implementation …



Interview: Martin Grant, Chief Executive Officer for Energy, Atkins, UK

The Chief Executive Officer for Energy at Atkins speaks about the company’s long corridor approach for business, several recent oil and gas service agreements, and the human resources challenged faced by players in the market. In 2011, Atkins acquired Pöyry’s …



Interview: Hermes Chipp, General Director, ONS, Brazil

Hermes Chipp, General Director of ONS, discusses the future of Brazil’s sustainable energy sources, and the trends he expects to see over the coming years that will assist the country in reaching it’s enormous energy distribution targets. You first joined …



Interview: José da Costa Carvalho, President, Eletrobras, Brazil

Jose da Costa Carvalho, President of Eletrobras, talks about the many challenges he faces running the largest state-owned power company in Brazil. He discusses how new directives from the government put pressure on their private agenda, and stresses the urgency …



Interview: Andre Luiz Salgado, Managing Director, Areva Renewables Brazil

AREVA Renewables Managing Director, Andre Luiz Salgado, explains the rationale behind investing in biomass, a clean and powerful source capable of meeting the country’s high demand for energy. Headquartered in France, AREVA has a long history in nuclear power, and …




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