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Articles tagged with: midstream



Interview: Niall Kramer – CEO, South African Oil and Gas Alliance (SAOGA)

Niall Kramer, CEO of the South African Oil & Gas Alliance (SAOGA), shares his perspectives on the most pressing problems for South Africa’s energy sector and enthuses about the country’s unexplored E&P potential as well as the urgent need to …



Interview: Alvaro Mazarrasa – Director General, Asociación Española de Operadores de Productos Petrolíferos (AOP), Spain

The Director General of the Asociación Española de Operadores de Productos Petrolíferos (AOP), Spain’s leading mid- and downstream association, explains how Spain has developed since the abolishment of the monopoly in 1993 and highlights how the country has become the …



Interview: Juan Pablo Gozio – Co-founder & Partner, Emerald Resources, Argentina

Juan Pablo Gozio of Emerald Resources Argentina explains the company’s plan to fully establish themselves in the Argentinian midstream sector by partnering with some of the largest energy companies in the world. You established Emerald Resources six years ago, what was …



Interview: Eric Herman – General Manager, Puma Energy, Indonesia

The general manager of a mid- and downstream oil company that has recently taken the local market by storm reveals the unique opportunities presented by employing a counter-cyclical business strategy at a moment when asset disposals are rife. He also …



Interview: Mikhail Blekherov – President, CRC-Evans Onshore East – Netherlands

Mikhail Blekherov discusses CRC-Evans’ new fit-for-purpose facility in the Netherlands that the company is building into a center for excellence for its Onshore East division, and the international reach of the Netherlands office in geographies as varied as Russia, China, Algeria and …



Interview: Jacques Melman – CEO, Frames – Netherlands

Frames’ CEO Jacques Melman explains how Frames’s proprietary and cost effective technologies are adding value to the market via optimization, its movement into new market sectors with associated technologies, for example with water treatment, and how the company has expanded internationally …



Interview: Thierry Ehrenbogen – Chairman, SDV (Bolloré Logistics) – France

The CEO of SDV (Bolloré Logistics), a global leader in supply chain management, discusses his company’s continued presence in Africa and response to pressures from clients. Less than six months ago, you became chairman of SDV, after successfully managing its …



Interview: Paul van Herrewegen – General Manager, Rubis Terminal – Netherlands

Rubis Terminal’s general manager in the Netherlands discusses the company’s business strategy, and the independent terminals ability to provide added value for its customers. You have been manager at Rubis Terminal B.V. for a little bit over 8 years. What …



Interview: Ludovic Villatte – CEO, ITP Interpipe – France

The CEO of ITP Interpipe, a global leader in the design, provision and fabrication of insulated pipelines, expresses his company’s commitment to reduce his clients’ OPEX and CAPEX. He also provides insight into the growing importance of QHSE as ITP …



Interview: Rob Nijst & Jared Pearl – CEO & CCO, VTTI – Netherlands

Rob Nijst and Jared Pearl share an intimate account of VTTI’s motivation to become a publicly-traded company on the New York Stock Exchange, and their personal vision on the strategic direction of their global operations. Last time we met in …



Interview: Gertjan Lankhorst – CEO, GasTerra – Netherlands

Gertjan Lankhorst, CEO of GasTerra, shares with EnergyBoardroom GasTerra’s role in the current industry shift towards sustainability and in shaping the “gas agenda.” Your background is in economics, as well as the oil and gas and energy industry. What specific …



Interview: Nicolas Borda, partner, Greenberg Traurig (GT), Mexico

“These changes will certainly not take place overnight through the mandate of a particular law. These reforms, as the most important energy reforms of the past 75 years, will take a certain period of time to bring about a change …




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