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Articles tagged with: export



Mozambique’s Gas Dream in Danger

The discovery of 100 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in 2010 had the potential to precipitate a turnaround for the troubled east African country of Mozambique; which has enough reserves to become the world’s third-largest exporter of LNG. However, …



Game On for Natural Gas

Global gas demand is projected to grow by at least 1.6 per cent year on year over the next 25 years, which will be more than enough to propel gas’s share of the world energy markets to over 25 per …



Russia’s Arctic Frontiers

Already the largest national contributor of gas to European markets, Russia stands to increase its global gas export footprint through the development of a huge LNG project in its Arctic region capable of serving both Asia and Europe. “Despite being …



Gazprom’s European Agenda

Against the crisp backdrop of Vienna under snowfall, the message resonated loud and clear: Russia considers itself as the primary guarantor of West European gas security and the time has come for European political circles to face up to the …



Bolivian Hydrocarbons: White Knight to the Rescue?

Long dismissed as an economic minnow and laggard, Bolivia, hitherto much more notable for its harsh Andean climate and tortuous geography than for its clout in regional energy affairs, appears to have outsmarted its mighty neighbours and maneuvered itself into …



Interview: Álvaro García Linera – Vice President of Bolivia

In an exclusive interview, Alvaro Garcia Linera, Vice President of Bolivia, talks about the plans, goals, and steps that Bolivia is taking to become the gas and energy supplier for Latin America and the world. This year marks the tenth …



Interview: Hon. Josh Frydenberg – Minister for Resources, Energy and Northern Australia

As Australia welcomes the world for LNG 18, the Hon.Josh Frydenberg highlights the mind-blowing development of Australia’s LNG industry, government initiatives to capitalize on this investment, and his optimism about the attractiveness of Australian LNG in Asia. When Perth first welcomed the LNG conference in 1998, …



Indonesian Energy: Rediscovering prowess on the world stage

After a period on the sidelines, Indonesia is now back again right at the forefront of international energy geopolitics having simultaneously reactivated its OPEC membership and been inaugurated into the International Energy Agency (IEA). On the face of it, Indonesia …



Interview: Akbar Rivai – President Director, PT. Sagatrade Murni, Indonesia

The President Director of Sagatrade Murni (STM) in Indonesia explains how joint-ventures and strategic partnerships enabled STM to become a total solution provider always seeking to remodel itself and enhancing its capabilities. Furthermore he highlights how diversification and constantly readjusting …



Interview: Mikhail Blekherov – President, CRC-Evans Onshore East – Netherlands

Mikhail Blekherov discusses CRC-Evans’ new fit-for-purpose facility in the Netherlands that the company is building into a center for excellence for its Onshore East division, and the international reach of the Netherlands office in geographies as varied as Russia, China, Algeria and …



Nationaal LNG Platform (Dutch National LNG Platform) – Robert Goevaers RC, Program Manager

Robert Goevaers RC of the Nationaal LNG Platform speaks to EnergyBoardroom about the charge towards LNG as a fuel in the Netherlands. Capitalising on the construction of the Gas Access To Europe (GATE) terminal, the Dutch authorities have been working …



Interview: Sheik Khalid Bin Khalifa Al Thani, CEO, Qatargas

The CEO of Qatargas discusses his country’s role as the largest LNG supplier in the world, what will shape the future of the LNG industry, and how Qatargas is taking steps to ensure stable and green development in the years to …




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