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Articles tagged with: deepwater



Interview: David Mullen – CEO, Shelf Drilling, Abu Dhabi

Shelf Drilling´s CEO, David Mullen, discusses the inspiration behind the company’s founding, being the world’s largest independent jack-up rig company, their industry-leading safety record, the performance culture he tries to cultivate, and how a focus on “Perfect Execution” has helped …



Interview: Prof. Klaus Regenauer-Lieb – Head of School of Petroleum Engineering, University of New South Wales, Australia

The newly appointed head of UNSW’s School of Petroleum Engineering (SCOPE), Prof Klaus Regenauer-Lieb highlights Australia’s significant opportunities in what he believes to be the next frontier in oil and gas – deepwater oil and gas and unconventionals – while describing the distinct set …



Interview: Irian Sitorus Pane – General Manager, Quest Geophysical Asia, Indonesia

The general manager of one of Indonesia’s more versatile geophysical and seismic study outfits discusses the stiff competition in a local market somewhat insulated by the drop in oil price and why the smart money is on operating in the …



Interview: Edward Heerema – Founder and President, Allseas – Netherlands

The founder and president of Allseas discusses the future implications of the single lift market, and the coming projects that the world’s largest platform installation and decommission vessel, the Pioneering Spirit, will undertake, as well as several other ambitions that …



Interview: Bruno Chabas – CEO, SBM Offshore – Netherlands

The global CEO of SBM Offshore explains the growing relevance of floating production vessels in an increasingly complex energy market that requires more sophisticated and flexible solutions. In line with growing industry trends, he also highlights the company’s various strategic initiatives …



Cameron Malaysia – David Aldous, Regional Manager Asia Pacific Measurement Systems & Deric Phoon, District Sales Manager Valves & Measurement

“We are not only providing the best technical solution but we can also follow up with the services that our customers require,” says David Aldous – Regional Manager Asia Pacific Measurement Systems. One of Cameron’s objectives has been to increase …



General Electric (GE) – Gabriel Cerdio, Executive Director of Global Accounts (Pemex) – Mexico

The executive director of global accounts speaks out about how the company is overhauling its processes and modus operandi to bring faster solutions to market and to respond to the evolving critical needs of primary client, Pemex. He also sheds …



Interview: Dominique Géhant, Mexico Geomarket Director, CGG

The Geomarket Director of a leading provider of seismic services envisions increased appetite for imports of state-of-the-art technology and investments in R&D as a direct outcome of the national energy reforms. He foresees new opportunities for sub-salt targets in deep …



Interview: Marco A Moreno, Director of Drilling, Grupo R Exploración Marina (GREMSA), Mexico

One of the senior directors of Mexico’s leading deepwater drilling contractor sheds light on the highly anticipated forthcoming boom in offshore drilling. He discusses human capital sourcing and retention challenges, and speaks about the sorts of technology needed to unlock …



Interview: George Stroud, Chief Executive Officer, Marin Group, UK

George Stroud, Executive Director of Marin Groups, UK,  discusses his company’s values, its unique offering recovering dropped assets—including blow out preventers in deep sea environments—and the company’s unique and innovative range of subsea excavation tools.   What are the key …



Interview: Giancarlo Maccagno, CEO, Wasco Energy, Singapore

Giancarlo Maccagno, CEO of Wasco Energy, explains the rationale behind an international business model: “for a company operating within the oil and gas industry, globalization is imminent. This is due to the fact that the nature of the oil and …



Interview: Henrik Fitinghoff, General Manager, Asia Pacific, MENCK, Singapore

“The growth of the deepwater theatre is inevitable because shallow water E&P is waning. The advantage Asia has is that there are a raft of state backed oil and gas entities that have a massive appetite for securing hydrocarbon and …




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