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Articles tagged with: Unconventional



Argentina: All Hopes on Vaca Muerta

A historic agreement of $15bn investment for the exploitation of the shale oil and gas fields of Vaca Muerta has brought together the Argentinian government, some of the world’s biggest hydrocarbon companies, as well as the unions in an effort …



Interview: David Chi – Vice-President & General Manager, Apache Egypt

David Chi, VP of Apache Corporation and GM for Apache Egypt Companies, outlines Apache’s successful 2016 performance in Egypt, their ‘fire in the belly’ attitude underlying their stellar track record of operating in Egypt, their long-term investment strategy in Egypt …



Interview: Osama Halim – Area Manager, Egypt and Libya, Halliburton

Osama Halim, Halliburton’s area manager for Egypt and Libya, discusses his first impressions of his home country after having worked in the international oil and gas industry for two decades; the innovative and tailored solutions that Halliburton is bringing to …



Argentina: Taking its Place in the Global Landscape

A new presidency in Argentina means the country is once again open for business in oil and gas and poised to regain its place on the top table of global energy. Argentina was a longstanding oil and gas player until 2011, …



Interview: Guillermo Juan Pereyra – National Senator, Neuquen Province; President, Mining, Energy & Fuels Commission (Senate Chamber); General Secretary, Rio Negro, Neuquén & La Pampa Oil & Gas Union, Argentina

The president of the Mining, Energy and Fuels commission in the Argentinian Senate, who is also the general secretary of the Rio Negro, Neuquén and La Pampa oil and gas union, reviews the development of Argentinian energy policies and explains …



Interview: Daniel Ridelener – CEO, Transportadora de Gas del Norte (TGN), Argentina

The CEO of TGN discusses the key role of gas transportation companies in the economic development of Argentina, the impact of the current presidency on TGN’s operations, and the future of the gas transportation industry in the context of the …



Interview: Richard Spies – CEO, Pan American Energy (PAE), Argentina

Richard Spies of Pan American Energy (PAE), Argentina’s largest private oil and gas operator, discusses the strategic importance of PAE to parent company BP, the company’s conventional and unconventional plays in Argentina, and the future of the country’s oil and …



Interview: Omar Gutierrez – Governor of Neuquén Province, Argentina

Omar Gutierrez, governor of Neuquén, is in charge of the second biggest unconventional oil and gas basin in the world after Eagle Ford. He talks achieving economic and social stability in Argentina as well as the profitable investment opportunities in …



Interview: Eduardo Raúl Costa – National deputy of Santa Cruz & Vice President, Energy Commission, Argentina

Eduardo Raúl Costa, national deputy of the province of Santa Cruz and VP of the Energy Commission of the Deputy Chamber, discusses the evolution of  energy policy in Argentina, attracting investment to unlock the nation’s energy potential, and the role …



Interview: Musabbeh Al-Kaabi – CEO, Mubadala Petroleum, Abu Dhabi

Mubadala Petroleum’s CEO, Musabbeh Al-Kaabi, shares the company’s commitment to growing via acquisitions, how Mubadala’s  unique positioning has helped create partnerships with IOCs such as Total, Oxy and Shell, and how as a government-owned company it has functions across government-to-government …



Interview: Prof. Klaus Regenauer-Lieb – Head of School of Petroleum Engineering, University of New South Wales, Australia

The newly appointed head of UNSW’s School of Petroleum Engineering (SCOPE), Prof Klaus Regenauer-Lieb highlights Australia’s significant opportunities in what he believes to be the next frontier in oil and gas – deepwater oil and gas and unconventionals – while describing the distinct set …



Indonesian Energy: Rediscovering prowess on the world stage

After a period on the sidelines, Indonesia is now back again right at the forefront of international energy geopolitics having simultaneously reactivated its OPEC membership and been inaugurated into the International Energy Agency (IEA). On the face of it, Indonesia …




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