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Articles tagged with: Trade



Interview: Tokologo Lekgetha – Co-Founder and Executive Director, Borutho Group, South Africa

Tokologo Lekgetha, co-founder and executive director of the Borutho Group of Companies, discusses the reasons behind founding the company and the steps they have taken to build their partnership network. Furthermore, he highlights the importance of the Black Economic Empowerment …



Interview: Martijn Van De Linde – CEO, Abu Dhabi Terminals, UAE

Martijn Van De Linde, CEO of Abu Dhabi Terminals, discusses the rapid expansion of Khalifa Port, its role in supporting the economy of Abu Dhabi, and his vision for the future. He also expands on the innovative solutions that they …



Interview: Hossam Emad – Vice Chairman, General Trade Union of Petroleum Workers (GTUPW), Egypt

Hossam Emad, Vice Chairman of the General Trade Union of Petroleum Workers (GTUPW) in Egypt, provides an overview of the organization’s role and activities, as well as his thoughts on the petroleum labor market in Egypt. Can you please give …



Interview: H.E. Jens Eikaas – Norwegian Ambassador to the UAE

The Ambassador of Norway to the UAE highlights what the two nations have in common and what they can learn and adopt from each other, especially in the hydrocarbons sector. Ambassador Eikaas, it has been a full year since our …



Argentina: Taking its Place in the Global Landscape

A new presidency in Argentina means the country is once again open for business in oil and gas and poised to regain its place on the top table of global energy. Argentina was a longstanding oil and gas player until 2011, …



Interview: Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi – CEO, Abu Dhabi Ports, UAE

Captain Mohamed Al Shamisi, CEO of Abu Dhabi Ports, discusses his ‘One Port Strategy’ for Abu Dhabi Ports; their fundamental goal to be the best ‘maritime trade enablers’, not just for Abu Dhabi but nationally and internationally; and key examples …



Interview: Guillermo Juan Pereyra – National Senator, Neuquen Province; President, Mining, Energy & Fuels Commission (Senate Chamber); General Secretary, Rio Negro, Neuquén & La Pampa Oil & Gas Union, Argentina

The president of the Mining, Energy and Fuels commission in the Argentinian Senate, who is also the general secretary of the Rio Negro, Neuquén and La Pampa oil and gas union, reviews the development of Argentinian energy policies and explains …



Interview: Robert Fry – Ambassador of Canada to Argentina & Paraguay

Robert Fry, ambassador of Canada to Argentina and Paraguay, discusses the potential for bilateral trade as a consequence of the latest political changes in Argentina, the role of Canadian companies in the energy industry, and how the embassy helps the …



Interview: Julián Rooney – President, British Chamber of Commerce, Argentina

Julián Rooney, president of the British Chamber of Commerce in Argentina, discusses the potential for bilateral trade as a consequence of recent political changes in Argentina, the role of British companies in the energy industry, and how the chamber helps …



Interview: David McCredie – CEO, Australian British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC), Australia

David McCredie, CEO of the ABCC, describes the state of Australia’s oil and gas industry, the challenges facing the chamber’s member organizations, the value that British companies bring to Australia’s economy, and how the ABCC will help develop bilateral relations. …



Interview: John O’Hare – General Manager Marine & Defence, Oil & Gas, Western Australia Department of Commerce, Australia

Responsible for delivery of Government resources and services to the Western Australian oil and gas services, marine and defense industry sectors, John O’Hare works with his team to attract new investments and talent to Western Australia. Sharing the unique attributes …



Interview: John Pierce – Chairman, AEMC, Australia

The chairman of the Australian Energy Market Commission, John Pierce, describes the organization’s push for liquid wholesale gas trading hubs, secondary trading of pipeline capacity, and enhanced market intelligence, and how these recommendations will help the domestic market seamlessly adjust …




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