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Articles tagged with: Solar-power



Interview: Monica Santoyo & Antonio Massieu, Associates, Santamarina y Steta Legal Solutions, Mexico

“The amendments were a massive achievement. Everyone was surprised by speed with which agreement was reached and the extent of the reforms.”    How long has the Santamarina y Steta been active in Mexico and what is the strategic importance …



Interview: Manuel Rodriguez Arregui, GBM Infraestrutura, Mexico.

“The power sector in Mexico is poised to undergo significant transformations following the implementation of the reforms. The constitution basically establishes a wholesale market with an independent system operator and an independent market operator—a model that has successfully been tried …



Interview: Sergio de la Rama Osmeña III, Senator, Energy Committee, Philippines

The chair of the Senate Committee on Energy, and one of the original authors of EPIRA, explains how liberalisation of the Philippine energy sector was a necessity, yet remains incomplete. He floats the idea of privatising the electric cooperatives, calls …



Interview: Nicolas Bivero, Director, Transnational Uyeno Solar Corporation (TUSC), Philippines

Nicolas Bivero, Director of Transnational Uyeno Solar Corporation (TUSC) Philippines, an exciting firm credited with producing the Philippines’ first ever solar photovoltaic car park and solar powered Starbucks store, speaks out about the key issues facing entrepreneurs in the local …



Interview: Jim Ayala, Founder & CEO, Hybrid Social Solutions, Philippines

Jim Ayala, Founder & CEO of Hybrid Social Solutions, Philippines, discusses the evolution of the company since its foundation, challenges that it has overcome along the way, and why he thinks the Philippines is currently an exciting place in which …



Interview: Erel B. Narida, President, One Renewable Energy Enterprise, Philippines

Erel Narida, a former Shell veteran and current President of One Renewable, recounts the success story of going it alone to deliver solar power to remote rural communities following the global scale-down of Shell Renewables. He provides first hand insights …



Interview: Armando de Rossi, Chairman & CEO, and Nicanor Villasenor III, COO, PHESI, Philippines

Armando de Rossi, Chairman & CEO, and Nicanor Villasenor III, COO of PHESI, discuss the future of oil & gas vs. renewable energy, why they see a future in the latter, and what the impact will be on local communities. …



Interview: Jose Silvestre Natividad, President, Sunwest Water and Electric Co., Philippines

Jose Silvestre Natividad, President of Sunwest Water and Electric Co., Philippines, talks about his belief in the business of renewable energy, commenting that hydro has a competitive advantage in the Philippines and incredible potential. He also emphasizes that Suweco endeavors …



Interview: Edward Eun-Gap Chang, President, Korean Chamber of Commerce Philippines

Edward Eun-Gap Chang, president of the Korean Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, sheds light on the increasing attractiveness of the Philippines as an investment destination, at a time when companies are diversifying their portfolios away from traditional channels. He …



Interview: Paulo Guimaraes, Superintendent for Economic Development, Secretary of Industry, Commerce and Mining (SICM), Bahia, Brazil

Paulo Guimaraes, Superintendent for Economic Development at the Secretary of Industry, Commerce and Mining (SICM) Bahia, paints a precise picture of the region’s incredible resources and leading industries, and sends a strong message to the renewable energy community as the …



Interview: Hermes Chipp, General Director, ONS, Brazil

Hermes Chipp, General Director of ONS, discusses the future of Brazil’s sustainable energy sources, and the trends he expects to see over the coming years that will assist the country in reaching it’s enormous energy distribution targets. You first joined …



Interview: José da Costa Carvalho, President, Eletrobras, Brazil

Jose da Costa Carvalho, President of Eletrobras, talks about the many challenges he faces running the largest state-owned power company in Brazil. He discusses how new directives from the government put pressure on their private agenda, and stresses the urgency …




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