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Articles tagged with: Sener



Interview: Siyabonga Mbanjwa – Regional Managing Director, SENER Southern Africa

Siyabonga Mbanjwa, regional managing director of SENER Southern Africa, discusses the challenges of setting-up the local affiliate and the opportunities that exist in the region, especially within the gas and renewable sectors. Moreover, he highlights the technology SENER brings to …



The Basque Country: A Tradition of Excellence

Tucked away in the north of Spain, the autonomous community of the Basque Country has established a position as one of Spain’s wealthiest and most prosperous regions. The Basques have demonstrated great resilience to the financial crisis, backed up by …



Interview: Borja Zarraga – Power, Oil & Gas Business Manager, SENER, Spain

Borja Zarraga, Manager of the Power, Oil and Gas business unit at SENER, documents the competitive advantage gained from focusing on technology and complex projects rather than on construction and simple solutions, the internationalization path of SENER, the up and …



Interview: Brian Pye – VP Global Business Development, Sales & Marketing, LR Senergy, Indonesia

The VP global business development, sales & marketing of LR Senergy highlights his team’s unique expertise in offshore and deep-water projects and foresees a brighter outlook for Indonesia’s oil and gas industry. He furthermore outlines why LR Senergy, a company …



Secretaría de Energía (SENER) – Lourdes Melgar, Deputy Secretary of Energy for Hydrocarbons – Mexico

The Undersecretary for Hydrocarbons delivers a frank and wide ranging interview in which she discusses among other topics Pemex’s submission for Round Zero, the potential of Mexican Shale gas and the new regulatory process for awarding upstream oil and gas …



Interview: Benjamin Torres-Barrón, head of the energy, mining and infrastructure practice group, Baker & McKenzie Mexico

The Head of the Energy, Mining & Infrastructure Practice Group explains how overhauling the Mexican tax regime and adopting ancillary legislation on anti-trust and maritime law can still impact the overall success of the headline energy reforms. He also discusses …



Interview: Guillermo I. García Alcocer, Director General of Exploration and Exploitation of Hydrocarbons, Sener, Mexico

“Mexico’s dependency on foreign gas imports was actually a key driver in instigating the change. Even though the oil production that we lost over the course of a decade equated to the entire production of a country like Colombia, the …



Interview: Alasdair Buchanan, COO/Managing Director of Energy Services, Senergy UK

Alasdair Buchanan, COO/Managing Director of Energy Services at Senergy talks indepth about the company’s international projects, the diversification of its services over recent years, how exactly Senergy was involved in the Ethical Energy Consortium, and the potential of unconventional oil …



Interview part two: Richard Lorentz, Director Business Development, KrisEnergy, Singapore,

In the second part of this two-part interview, Richard Lorentz, the Director of Business Development of KrisEnergy gives an overview of the upstream hydrocarbon market of South East Asia, and conveys the company’s strategic blueprint designed to capitalize on regional …



Interview part one: Richard Lorentz, Director Business Development, KrisEnergy, Singapore,

In the first part of this two-part interview, Richard Lorentz, Director of Business Development of KrisEnergy discusses the company’s successful IPO in July 2013, and pinpoints the unique characteristics of the SGX that make it a highly attractive stock exchange …




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