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Articles tagged with: Rigs



Interview: Keith Leggett – Vice President for Operations & Managing Director, NOV, Abu Dhabi

National Oilwell Varco VP, Operations & Managing Director, Keith Leggett shares why NOV’s UAE offices were selected as the first site for a NOV Rig Systems fabrication outside the US, how their electrical rigs are creating innovative solutions for the …



Interview: Joost Lasschuit – Managing Director, Top Side Offshore Technology – Netherlands

Joost Lasschuit elaborates on his aspirations for Top Side Offshore Technology, mainly to offer an all-encompassing operations control center for offshore with an expanded product portfolio and expanded global reach in the world’s offshore hubs. What were your initial aspirations in …



Antoine Bresolin – CEO, Eiffage Metal – France

The newly appointed CEO of Eiffage Metal, a global leader in turnkey metal construction, discusses the importance of the oil and gas sector to his company’s success. He also provides insight into the strategies adopted by Eiffage Metal to respond …



Goimar – Yann Kirsch, EVP Business Development – Mexico

Executive VP of Business Development of Goimar, Yann Kirsch, illustrates how a partnership approach in Mexico’s oil industry has helped to establish the company as a leading solutions provider in the upstream offshore sector. In addition to that, Yann points …



Viking Offshore & Marine – Ong Choo Guan, CEO & JK Low, CFO – Singapore

Ong Choo Guan, CEO & JK Low, CFO of Viking Offshore and Marine articulate their company’s diversification strategy including its expansion into being a rig-owner. They have moved into the oil and gas sector through a bolt-on strategy, which has …



Opus Offshore – Vern Westerhout, Chief Executive Officer – Singapore

The CEO of Opus Offshore discusses his company’s commitment to use new-build & fit-for-purpose vessels, especially the Tiger drillship, and its aspiration to be a full-fledged drilling contractor that both owns and operates assets. He elaborates on Opus’ joint venture with Songa Offshore and on Opus’ focus on offering of …



Interview: Lewis Affleck, Managing Director, Maersk Oil Qatar

In 1992, Maersk Oil entered into an Exploration and Production Sharing Agreement (EPSA) with Qatar Petroleum (QP) at the Al Shaheen field, which had been deemed uneconomic by others. First oil was produced just two years later, and Maersk Oil …



Interview: Renata Pereira, Executive Director, BRASCO, Brazil

Renata Pereira, Executive Director of Brasco, talks about the inherent challenges in building a logistical hub, the opportunity that Brazil’s natural offshore resources represent for the company stating that, “BRASCO is constantly monitoring the market, and anticipating where new openings …



Interview: Santiago del Valle Toca, Chairman, & Enrique Romo, CFO, Latina, Mexico

“Regardless of the country in question and how open it is to foreign participation, local knowledge and familiarity with culture and business practices is an invaluable and difficult to acquire competitive advantage. Managing the complexities and nuances associated with day-to-day …



Singapore: a new focus on technology and research

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Offshore Southeast Asia Conference and Exhibition (OSEA) in November 2012, Second Minister for Trade and Industry S. Iswaran highlighted that “with rising offshore drilling and production activities, the demand for offshore rigs, platforms …



Interview: Jan Arve Haugan President & Chief Executive Officer, Kvaener, Norway

Jan Arve Haugan President & Chief Executive Officer, discusses the establishment of the new Kvaerner, what differentiates Kvaerner’s strategy from that of its competitors and why 2014 will be a big year for the company. Kvaerner’s history goes back to …




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