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Articles tagged with: Research



Interview: Dr. Tod A. Laursen – President, Khalifa University, UAE

Dr. Tod A. Laursen, President of Khalifa University, discusses the recent merger between the University, the Petroleum Institute (PI) as well as the Masdar Institute, and how this will benefit the overall research environment in the country. He also expands …



Interview: Kym Bills – CEO, Western Australian Energy Research Alliance (WA:ERA), Australia

With a mission to foster collaboration and resourcing for petroleum and geosequestration related research, the Western Australian Energy Research Alliance (WA:ERA) provides innovative, safe and sustainable solutions for regional partners. CEO, Kym Bills, lays out the alliance’s focus on capability …



Interview: Dr. Steven Griffiths – Vice-President of Research & Interim Associate Provost, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi

Dr. Steven Griffiths, Vice-President of Research and Interim Associate Provost at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (Masdar Institute), discusses the institutional strategy of the Institute, its philosophy of ‘directed evolution’, the privilege and associated responsibility of working for an …



Interview: Dr. Thomas J. Hochstettler – President, The Petroleum Institute, United Arab Emirates

The president of the Petroleum Institute, Dr. Thomas J. Hochstettler, explains how The Petroleum Institute Research Center (PIRC) opening this year will bring the school to new levels of excellence, how the institute is building partnerships with other universities around …



The Netherlands Oil & Gas Outlook

The Netherlands has a long energy history. Today it is adapting to the new low price environment with its customary ingenuity. This article forms part of EnergyBoardrooms’ 2015 Netherlands Report – click here to download the whole report. The Netherlands …



Pemex – Primo Luis Velasco Paz, Sub-Director of Distribution and Marketing – Mexico

Pemex’s sub-director of distribution and marketing introduces the state-giant’s inaugural Congress and International Exhibition on Hydrocarbon Flow and Quality Measurement and discusses the importance of enhancing accuracy with which Pemex collects and defines measuring points throughout the organization’s value chain. …



Energy and Sustainability Research Institute, University of Groningen – Professor Rien Herber – Netherlands

Professor Rien Herber gives his opinion on the potential for shale gas in the Netherlands, as well as an overview of the current challenges and opportunities for oil and gas explorers in the mature Netherlands onshore and offshore plays. He …




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