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Articles tagged with: Pipeline



Interview: José Luis López de Silanes – Chairman, CLH, Spain

The chairman of CLH, Spain’s number one oil transport and storage company, explains how increasing efficiency, internationalization and expanding the firm’s range of services are at the very core of his vision for the future. He outlines how the energy …



Interview: Pedro Miras Salamanca – Chairman, CORES, Spain

Pedro Miras Salamanca, chairman at the Spanish oil stockholding entity CORES, and chairman of the International Energy Agency (IEA)’s Standing Group on Emergency Questions (SEQ), discusses his dual responsibilities, CORES’ mission and model, Spain’s potential to become further integrated into …



Interview: Mariano Marzo – Professor, University of Barcelona, Spain

Mariano Marzo, an industry expert and professor at the University of Barcelona, shares his extensive knowledge of the energy sector in Spain, including recent trends seen within the industry as well as steps he believes are necessary to ensure a …



Interview: Arcadio Gutierrez Zapico – Director General, Club Español de la Energía (Enerclub), Spain

“Vendor diversification is one of the most important variables when it comes to achieving energy supply security” – The Director General of Club Español de la Energía (Enerclub), Spain’s leading energy society, makes the case for Spain to become Europe’s …



Game On for Natural Gas

Global gas demand is projected to grow by at least 1.6 per cent year on year over the next 25 years, which will be more than enough to propel gas’s share of the world energy markets to over 25 per …



Gazprom’s European Agenda

Against the crisp backdrop of Vienna under snowfall, the message resonated loud and clear: Russia considers itself as the primary guarantor of West European gas security and the time has come for European political circles to face up to the …



Interview: Carlos Koiffman Vinokur – VP Business Development Latin America, ISI Mustang Wood Group, Argentina

The VP Business Development Latin America at ISI Mustang Wood Group elaborates on the strategic relevance of Argentina within the group’s regional operations and highlights that the region at large offers significant business opportunities despite the global downturn in commodity …



Interview: Graham Young – Managing Director, Anticorrosion Protective Systems (APS), UAE

Graham Young, MD of APS, discusses becoming one of the leading providers of corrosion engineering and contracting services in the Middle East, the high-quality services and products they provide, and the importance of innovation. Could you please provide an overview …



Interview: Paul Newbound – Executive Director & CEO, APTS, Australia

APTS has delivered quality pipeline and pressure testing services in Australia for over 13 years. Paul Newbound details how their microwave non-destructive testing technology for non-metallics will revolutionize the Australasian pipeline industry, and reveals the milestones on the path from …



Interview: John Pierce – Chairman, AEMC, Australia

The chairman of the Australian Energy Market Commission, John Pierce, describes the organization’s push for liquid wholesale gas trading hubs, secondary trading of pipeline capacity, and enhanced market intelligence, and how these recommendations will help the domestic market seamlessly adjust …



Interview: Eric Jas – Managing Director, Atteris, Australia

The founder and managing director of Atteris, Eric Jas, describes the changes in Australia’s oil and gas industry since the construction boom and how engineering consultancies such as Atteris have needed to diversify their core capabilities into more brownfield-type services …



Interview: Cheryl Cartwright – CEO, Australian Pipeline and Gas Association (APGA), Australia

The CEO of the Australian Pipeline and Gas Association (APGA), Cheryl Cartwright portrays the value that gas serves in the nation’s energy mix, and highlights a few of the challenges created in the domestic gas market by the growing presence …




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