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Articles tagged with: Norway



Statoil’s Transformation: Dark Horse Leading the Pack

The board of directors of Statoil, the world’s 11th largest oil and gas company and top offshore operator in the world, have revealed a proposal to change the iconic name of the company to Equinor, complete with a new, vibrant …



Interview: Alan Brodie – Middle East Region Manager, PTC, UAE

The Middle East Region Manager of PTC, a highly innovative Norwegian company in well integrity management, provides an update of how business is progressing for them in the Middle East. It has been a full year since we have interviewed …



Interview: Roger Klausen – COO, Exprosoft

The COO of ExproSoft, a Norwegian niche player in the UAE, highlights the potential of digitalization for oil majors and explains how entering the region helped the company to develop their portfolio.  You have joined in 2014 as COO, how …



Interview: Nasrollah Gharesifard – Country Manager UAE, Qatar, Oman, Norwegian Energy Partners

The Country Manager for Norwegian Energy Partners UAE, Qatar & Oman (formerly INTSOK) explains why his affiliate has grown to be one of the most important for the organization amidst dwindling commodity prices. You first came to the UAE in …



Interview: H.E. Jens Eikaas – Norwegian Ambassador to the UAE

The Ambassador of Norway to the UAE highlights what the two nations have in common and what they can learn and adopt from each other, especially in the hydrocarbons sector. Ambassador Eikaas, it has been a full year since our …



Interview: Tord Lien – Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Norway

In an exclusive interview at the Economist Energy Summit 2016, Tord Lien, Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy, discusses his country’s efforts to make the oil and gas industry more cost-efficient and Norway’s future role in a world increasingly looking …



Interview: Svein Sollund – CEO, AGR, Abu Dhabi

Svein Sollund, CEO of AGR, reveals how AGR has successfully completed over 500 well projects in 25 countries and over 1000 reservoir studies in all possible environments on six continents; how the Middle East is the region where they have …



Interview: Thomas Espeland – Australian Director, Advantec

Thomas Espeland explains how the current pricing environment has helped facilitate Advantec’s market entry and introduce their industry-leading Workover Control Systems (WOCS) into Australia. He also highlights the core principles of the company’s operating model and how their unique concept …



Interview: H.E. Jens Eikaas – Norwegian Ambassador to the UAE, Abu Dhabi

Norwegian ambassador to the UAE, H.E. Jens Eikaas, provides an overview of Norway-UAE bilateral relations, the various areas of economic cooperation including but not limited to oil and gas, his perspective on the outlook of the petroleum industry in both …



Interview: Tore Moe – Australian Oil and Gas Advisor, INTSOK, Australia

Tore Moe, Australian advisor at INTSOK, the Norwegian Oil and Gas companies’ support and promotion organization, explains how important similarities between Norway and Australia enhance Norwegian companies’ competitiveness, and highlights the main specificities of the Australian market that should draw …



Interview: H.E. Unni Kløvstad – Norwegian Ambassador to Australia

Her Excellency Ms. Unni Kløvstad discusses the focus of her mandate as Norway’s Ambassador to Australia, while drawing comparative parallels between the two nations. She also depicts the appeal of investing in Australia and highlights how Norwegian companies are leveraging …




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