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Articles tagged with: NOC



Interview: Tommy Laursen – Managing Director, Ramboll Oil & Gas, Middle East, UAE

Tommy Laursen, the Managing Director for Ramboll Oil & Gas in the Middle East, discusses his efforts to establish and build the brand of Ramboll within the UAE, the company’s broader operations in the region as well as what he …



Interview: Salem Bin Ashoor – Chief Representative & General Manager, BP UAE

Salem Bin Ashoor, the chief representative and GM of BP in the UAE, discusses the company’s 76-year history in the country, the many ways in which their services and activities have evolved over the years, as well as their commitment …



Interview: Jadalla Al Awakly – Member of the Board of Directors for Processing, Planning, IT & Communication, National Oil Corporation (NOC), Libya

Jadalla Al Awakly, board member of Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC), highlights Libya’s renewed potential as the African country with the largest crude reserves, the main priority of restoring production to pre-conflict levels of 1.7 million barrels per day (bpd), …



ADNOC-ledging the Need for Change

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), one of the world’s major oil producers in a strategically crucial region, is restructuring itself to increase operational efficiency and ensure it remains a core contributor to the future prosperity of the UAE. …



Interview: Chris Wilson – President, ConocoPhillips Australia West

The recently appointed president of ConocoPhillips Australia West, Chris Wilson highlights several milestones that the company’s core asset – Darwin LNG – has recently achieved and describes how the plant has positively impacted all stakeholders involved. He also elaborates on …



Interview: Hisham Alami – General Manager for Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals, Mott MacDonald, Abu Dhabi

Hisham Alami, general manager for oil, gas and petrochemicals in Abu Dhabi, discusses Mott MacDonald’s 50-year involvement in the country’s oil and gas industry, the consultancy’s various PMC projects with the ADNOC group of companies and the outlook through 2016. …



Interview: Musabbeh Al-Kaabi – CEO, Mubadala Petroleum, Abu Dhabi

Mubadala Petroleum’s CEO, Musabbeh Al-Kaabi, shares the company’s commitment to growing via acquisitions, how Mubadala’s  unique positioning has helped create partnerships with IOCs such as Total, Oxy and Shell, and how as a government-owned company it has functions across government-to-government …



Indonesian Energy: Rediscovering prowess on the world stage

After a period on the sidelines, Indonesia is now back again right at the forefront of international energy geopolitics having simultaneously reactivated its OPEC membership and been inaugurated into the International Energy Agency (IEA). On the face of it, Indonesia …



Interview: Maelle Morvan – Director, French Business Group, United Arab Emirates

The director of the French Business Group in Abu Dhabi, Maelle Morvan, explains in detail the technologies French companies are bringing to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Total’s successful concession in the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and why …



Interview: Dr. Thomas J. Hochstettler – President, The Petroleum Institute, United Arab Emirates

The president of the Petroleum Institute, Dr. Thomas J. Hochstettler, explains how The Petroleum Institute Research Center (PIRC) opening this year will bring the school to new levels of excellence, how the institute is building partnerships with other universities around …



Interview: Ari Hernanto Soemarno – Former CEO, Pertamina – Indonesia

The former CEO of Indonesia’s iconic national oil company, Pertamina, and an informal advisor to the presidency, reflects on the primary challenges facing both the new government and the state oil and gas champion. You are renowned for your leadership …



Interview: Eko Rukmono – VP Operations & Country Manager, Pertamina Algeria

The country manager of Pertamina Algeria describes the strategic importance of Algeria, as the first country where Pertamina is producing outside of Indonesia, and assesses the country’s role in providing the crude for Indonesia’s domestic consumption. As VP operations and country manager …




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