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Articles tagged with: Manufacturing



Interview: Ari Slamet Noto Koesoemo – President Director, Arkon Prima, Indonesia

The President Director of PT Arkon Prima explains how diversification into the energy business will provide sustainability in the saturated steel manufacturing segment in Indonesia, and highlights how partnering with Medco helps them in the process to become one of …



Interview: Berend Reinink – CEO, Hendrik Veder Group, The Netherlands

The CEO of Hendrik Veder Group, Berend Reinink discusses the on-going integration efforts with respect to the group’s recent formation and how this newly formed organization will help enable the company to provide unparalleled standards in the supply of wire …



Interview: Mart van Bracht – Managing Director, TNO Energy – Netherlands

Mart Van Bracht of the TNO discusses the organization’s hybrid nature as a state owned, but independently managed research and technology organization, as well as its current innovative projects in the energy sector. TNO is working to ensure sustainable, reliable and …



Interview: Paul Nederlof – Managing Director, VandeGrijp – Netherlands

Paul Nederlof discusses VandeGrijp’s history in the dredging industry, its diversification into the offshore industry providing customized equipment, and specific projects such as the “Blue Hammer.” Can you introduce VandeGrijp and its activities in the Netherlands to our international readers? …



Interview: Mikhail Blekherov – President, CRC-Evans Onshore East – Netherlands

Mikhail Blekherov discusses CRC-Evans’ new fit-for-purpose facility in the Netherlands that the company is building into a center for excellence for its Onshore East division, and the international reach of the Netherlands office in geographies as varied as Russia, China, Algeria and …



Interview: Alain Garric – Group Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Marechal Electric – Technor – France

The group chief sales and marketing director of Marechal Electric, a supplier of electrical equipment, discusses the growing importance of oil and gas since the acquisition of the Italian company Technor. He also provides insight into the company’s prospects for …



Interview: Roderik van Seumeren – CEO, Selmers – Netherlands

Roderik van Seumeren discusses Selmers’ long-standing reputation for excellence in equipment manufacturing for pipe coating, and onshore and offshore pipeline construction and the initiatives he has taken to increase the company’s footprint globally and in the offshore industry since its acquisition …



Interview: Jan Willem Tegelaar, General Manager – PPG Protective Marine Coatings – EMEA and Kees van der Kolk, Global Technical Director – PPG Protective and Marine Coatings – Netherlands

Jan Willem Tegelaar, General Manager – PPG Protective and Marine Coatings EMEA, and Kees van der Kolk, Global Technical Director – PPG Protective and Marine Coatings, discuss how PPG is “bringing innovation to the surface” via such products as PITT-CHAR …



Interview: Corso Balboni – President, GE Oil & Gas Le Creusot – France

The President of GE Oil & Gas Le Creusot discusses the site’s status as center of excellence and future prospects for their lead product: the Integrated Compressor Line (ICL). How has the Thermodyn Unit in Le Creusot become a center …



Juan Aguero – Regional Manager, IMPSA Malaysia

Juan Aguero, Regional Manager of IMPSA, discusses the Bakun Dam project, IMPSA-Malaysia’s role as a regional leader in the hydro power segment, and the strengths brought by its local production center in Lumut   Mr. Aguero, you arrived to head …



Benjamin Gaszynski – Managing Director, Bardot AsiaPacific

Mr. Gaszynski, Managing Director of Bardot AsiaPacific, discusses the company’s expansion into the Asia Pacific market via the Kuala Lumpur office, Bardot’s role as the only subsea polymer company to manufacture in Asia, and the savings offered by these subsea …



Bandak Malaysia – Joar Ajer, Managing Director/VP

In 2011 Bandak Group made its first step outside Norway and set up an office in Malaysia to develop a customer base in the APAC region. Managing Director of Bandak Multi Fibre Sdn Bhd, Joar Ajer, discusses his experience in …




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