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Articles tagged with: HR



Interview: Avhapfani Tshifularo – Executive Director, South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA)

Avhapfani (Fani) Tshifularo, executive director of the South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA), shares his insights into the major developments of the South African downstream sector over the past decade, SAPIA’s focus on developing the local industry and promoting diversity …



Bahrain Announces Huge Offshore Shale Oil Discovery

The small island kingdom of Bahrain has announced the discovery of a massive reserve of offshore oil. The discovery, announced by Bahrain’s National Oil and Gas Authority, marks the largest oil discovery in Bahrain since 1932. The offshore reserves of …



Interview: Iván Martén – Senior Partner and Managing Director, Vice Chairman Energy Practice, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Dr. Iván Martén, vice chairman and former global leader of The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)’s energy practice, discusses emerging trends in global oil and gas, BCG’s unique combination of analytics and interpersonal connections in its service offering, and the results …



Putting the ‘E’ & ‘P’ Back into Egypt

With an investment-friendly administration in place, growing domestic demand, a staunch tradition of innovation, and huge discoveries in recent years, Egypt’s E&P sector is once again punching above its weight on the global stage. “Egypt has maintained outstanding and long-lasting relationships …



Interview: Eng. Khaled AbuBakr – Executive Chairman, Egyptian Gas Association

The executive chairman of the Egyptian Gas Association, Eng. Khaled AbuBakr highlights the association’s recent milestone in obtaining preliminary approval to establish an independent gas regulator and how this move serves to liberalize the gas market and encourage more private …



Interview: Tamer AbuBakr – Chairman, Petroleum & Mining Chamber, Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI)

Tamer AbuBakr speaks to us in his capacity as the Chairman of the Federation of Egyptian Industries’ Petroleum and Mining Chamber to provide some insight into the current state of the Egyptian oil and gas industry, his thoughts on the …



Interview: H.E. Tarek El Molla – Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Egypt

H.E. Tarek El Molla, the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources for Egypt, outlines the key mandate he was given when he was appointed, the modernization plan he is spearheading to transform Egypt’s oil and gas sector into a world-class …



Interview: Khaled Nosseir – Chairman, British Egyptian Business Association (BEBA), Egypt

The chairman of the British Egyptian Business Association (BEBA) highlights the organization’s key role in facilitating the growth of British-Egyptian business relations. He also speaks to the promising fundamentals inherent in Egypt’s economy, while pinpointing the most salient challenges such …



Italy In Egypt: It’s A Gas

Enormous recent oil and gas discoveries in North Africa have seen a number of IOCs jostling for position, with three separate players from across the Mediterranean in Italy at the forefront: electricity and natural gas company Edison who have plays …



Interview: Mitchell Buswell – Regional Manager, Brunel Australasia, Australia

Brunel’s Mitchell Buswell describes changing labor demands in the oil and gas industry, the key factors to remaining the recruitment and HR partner of choice, the importance of Australasia for Brunel, and the company’s proactive approach to prospect future staffing needs …



Interview: Nathan Meehan – Senior Advisor to Global Management Board, Baker Hughes, Indonesia

The Senior Advisor to the Global Management Board of one of the world’s top 4 oil field service companies discusses the significance of the South East Asian marketplace for the application of cutting-edge drilling technologies and about how turbulent oil …



Arjan de Vries – COO Energy, Brunel – Netherlands

Brunel’s global COO and head of the company’s energy business discusses the move from transaction to services in the staffing sector, and what can help to change the network-based oil and gas mindset when it comes to recruiting from the …




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