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Articles tagged with: Energy-sector



Interview: Yves J.G. De Leeneer, Managing Director, DEEPBLUE, Singapore

”Singapore provides world class know how through the people available in the country and through the multiple institutions and companies present here in the Oil, Gas and Offshore Industry. Singapore also provides a brand synonymous with legitimacy, transparency and quality …



Interview: Councillor Jenny Laing, Leader of the Aberdeen City Council, UK

Jenny Laing, leader of the Aberdeen city council discusses Aberdeen’s positioning as oil capital of Europe, its search for skilled work forces, and how the city is renowned for its capability to build value beyond volume.   What are the …



Interview: Didier Mena, Director General, Navix, Mexico

“we go beyond providing capital by getting involved and supervising the projects we finance. Navix has its own petroleum and civil engineers, among others, continuously ensuring the smooth progress of any given project we participate in.” Could you please begin …



Interview: Horacio Fajer Cardona, Director, Kidde Mexico

“The reforms should create an increased demand for trained and experienced talent in our field. We are uniquely positioned to capitalize on this requirement, as we have many skilled employees whom we ensure get the training required to keep up …



Interview: Manuel Rodriguez Arregui, GBM Infraestrutura, Mexico.

“The power sector in Mexico is poised to undergo significant transformations following the implementation of the reforms. The constitution basically establishes a wholesale market with an independent system operator and an independent market operator—a model that has successfully been tried …



Interview: Zenaida Cruz Ducut, Energy Regulatory Commission, Philippines

Zenaida Ducut, the incumbent Chairwoman and CEO of the Philippine’s Energy Regulator speaks out about the transformation of the country’s electric power industry. She talks about transition issues in the implementation of Open Access rules and explains new rate-setting methodologies …



Interview: Sergio Rivas, President, Camara Nordica, Mexico

The president of Camara Nordica in Mexico talks about the energy reforms set to take place, the benefits of industry competition for the economy at large, and stresses that Mexico needs to be part of the international community in order …



Interview: Humberto Barbato, President, ABINEE, Brazil

Humberto Barbato, President of ABINEE, discusses the main obstacles to the growth of the industry, what strategy is being undertaken by both the company and the country at large, and why Brazil’s energy matrix is too unique for a foreign …




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