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Articles tagged with: EVE



The Basque Country: A Tradition of Excellence

Tucked away in the north of Spain, the autonomous community of the Basque Country has established a position as one of Spain’s wealthiest and most prosperous regions. The Basques have demonstrated great resilience to the financial crisis, backed up by …



Interview: Nicolas Katcharov – General Manager Egypt Branch VP North Africa and Middle East Operations, Edison, Egypt

Nicolas Katcharov, General Manager Egypt Branch and VP North Africa and Middle East Operations, discusses the main priorities and achievements of his first 100 days in office, the value that Edison can offer Egypt through the synergies of combining its …



Interview: Alberto Saggese – President & CEO, Gas y Petróleo de Neuquén, Argentina

The President & CEO of Gas y Petróleo de Neuquén highlights the significant potential of Neuquén’s far west gas assets, describing its specific challenges due to its remote location, and the incentives needed to attract more investors. You were appointed …



Interview: Daniel Ridelener – CEO, Transportadora de Gas del Norte (TGN), Argentina

The CEO of TGN discusses the key role of gas transportation companies in the economic development of Argentina, the impact of the current presidency on TGN’s operations, and the future of the gas transportation industry in the context of the …



Counter-Cyclicality in the “New Normal”

“The oil industry has changed for good.” This, at least, is the perspective of many an analyst when contemplating an oil price stubbornly languishing below $50 USD per barrel. The price of oil has, of course, dropped many a time …



Indonesian Infrastructure Development: Building the Road to the Future

By making infrastructure development one of the defining planks of his presidency, Joko Widido strives to inject new momentum into Indonesia’s stuttering economy. Public spending in Indonesia rose by 7.3 percent in quarter four of 2015, as a direct response …



Interview: Dr. Steven Griffiths – Vice-President of Research & Interim Associate Provost, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi

Dr. Steven Griffiths, Vice-President of Research and Interim Associate Provost at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (Masdar Institute), discusses the institutional strategy of the Institute, its philosophy of ‘directed evolution’, the privilege and associated responsibility of working for an …



Interview: Brad Lingo – MD & CEO, Elk Petroleum, Australia

Brad Lingo, the recently appointed MD and CEO of Elk Petroleum, highlights how the company’s new direction and initiatives have bolstered its tremendous performance over the last six months and remarks on how Elk is now better positioned to not only …



Interview: Dr. Thomas J. Hochstettler – President, The Petroleum Institute, United Arab Emirates

The president of the Petroleum Institute, Dr. Thomas J. Hochstettler, explains how The Petroleum Institute Research Center (PIRC) opening this year will bring the school to new levels of excellence, how the institute is building partnerships with other universities around …



ADIPEC 2015: The Toast of the Industry

The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference (ADIPEC) hosted nearly 90,000 visitors, saw billions of dollars worth of deals done, and provided an opportunity for collaboration in the industry. The event hosted a variety of attendees from the oil and …



Interview: Andang Bachtiar – Chairman, National Exploration Committee, Indonesia

The chairman of the newly formed National Exploration Committee unveils his blueprint for unblocking investment flows into Indonesia’s upstream oil and gas segment and for incentivizing exploration activity. Tell us about your recent appointment as chairman of the national committee …



Interview: Irian Sitorus Pane – General Manager, Quest Geophysical Asia, Indonesia

The general manager of one of Indonesia’s more versatile geophysical and seismic study outfits discusses the stiff competition in a local market somewhat insulated by the drop in oil price and why the smart money is on operating in the …




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