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Articles tagged with: Construction



Interview: Chris Campbell – CEO, Consulting Engineering South Africa (CESA)

Chris Campbell, CEO of Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA), share the main achievements of the association over the past few years; the critical networking, facilitative and intermediary services they provide to their members and the overall industry; as well as …



Interview: Gabriel Sampol – President, SAMPOL, Spain

Gabriel Sampol, president of Mallorcan engineering specialists SAMPOL, discusses the company’s rich history, ambitious globalization strategy, innovative mindset, and family values, as well as the continuing importance of the oil sector to the group. Having been head of SAMPOL since …



Interview: Osama Bishai – CEO, Orascom Construction, Egypt

Osama Bishai, CEO of Orascom Construction, highlights the positive performance of the company in the past few years in spite of external volatility; the confidence the company has in its balanced portfolio of activities across the Middle East region and …



Interview: Oscar Le Calvet – Director General, Contreras, Argentina

The Director General of Contreras, one of Argentina’s leading construction companies, highlights their versatile capabilities and explains how diversification allowed the company to always be a step ahead. Could you please introduce us to CONTRERAS’ footprint today? “Historically, Argentina’s political …



Interview: Juan Chediack – President, CAMARCO, Argentina

The president of the Cámara Argentina de la Construcción (CAMARCO) elaborates on the future prospects for Argentina’s construction industry and the obstacles for the industry to navigate left from the former government. Could you please outline your mandate as president …



Interview: Carlos Mundín – President, BTU, Argentina

The president of BTU, one of Argentina’s leading construction companies, talks about the future of energy in Argentina and how his company has excellent in difficult times. Additionally, he elaborates the advantages that Argentina offers to foreign investors. BTU was …



Interview: Marcelo Carro – Commercial Manager, Rovella Carranza, Argentina

The Commercial Manager of Rovella Carranza, one of Argentina’s leading construction companies, elaborates on the company’s strategy of moving into the energy infrastructure segment and explains the role strategic partnerships play for Rovella Carranza. Since 2003 the ministry of public …



Interview: Scott Cummins – CEO, McConnell Dowell, Australia

McConnell Dowell is a major engineering, construction, building and maintenance contractor delivering service and expertise across a wide array of industry sectors, including oil and gas. Bringing extensive experience in the construction and engineering industry across various disciplines and geographies, …



Clear Skies ahead for hydrocarbons in Australia’s “Sunshine State”?

Queensland is fast emerging as a new frontier for oil and gas, with USD 65 billion worth of extraction projects already under construction in the region. The sunniest place in Australia is spearheading an unprecedented gas boom, shifting towards becoming …



Interview: Bernadette Cullinane – Asia Pacific Energy Lead, Accenture, Australia

With a particular focus on assisting oil and gas companies to improve performance, Accenture has committed itself to the Australian market, lending its services and expertise in areas such as supply chain and maintenance transformation, operational strategy, and technological implementation. …



Interview: Eric Jas – Managing Director, Atteris, Australia

The founder and managing director of Atteris, Eric Jas, describes the changes in Australia’s oil and gas industry since the construction boom and how engineering consultancies such as Atteris have needed to diversify their core capabilities into more brownfield-type services …



Interview: Marc Groenendijk – General Manager, KCI – Netherlands

Marc Groenendijk discusses KCI’s smart solutions for special projects thanks to its in-house design team, the motivation for continuous innovation present in the company and how he will focus on maintaining KCI’s flexible size while pushing for novel engineering solutions …




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