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Articles tagged with: Clean-energy



Interview: Bader Al Lamki – Executive Director, Masdar Clean Energy, UAE

Bader Al Lamki, Executive Director of Masdar Clean Energy, discusses Masdar’s impressive decade-long record of successful renewable project development, both in the UAE and internationally, including strategic priorities for further development, the economic viability of the renewable sector, and the …



Interview: John Pearson, Group President Europe, AMEC, UK

“The UKCS market is very busy. The Norwegian continental shelf is undergoing a coincident spending peak in their history. There’s work in conventional power and nuclear new build. The outlook for the international capital projects market is also strong,” John …



Interview: Ma Gladys Cruz-Santa Rita, President & CEO, National Power Corporation (NPC), Philippines

Ma Gladys Cruz-Santa Rita, the newly appointed president of Napocor, outlines her vision for the corporation going forward and emphasizes the need for financial stabilization, explaining recent policy shifts with regard to collection efficiency and the disconnection of delinquent accounts. …



Interview: Erel B. Narida, President, One Renewable Energy Enterprise, Philippines

Erel Narida, a former Shell veteran and current President of One Renewable, recounts the success story of going it alone to deliver solar power to remote rural communities following the global scale-down of Shell Renewables. He provides first hand insights …



Interview: Nicky Gemperle, President, Pöyry Energy Inc. Philippines

Nicky Gemperie, President of the consultancy and engineering firm Poyry, offers his thoughts on the respective futures of biomass and natural gas on the local market, the challenges of securing bank financing for unconventional energy forms, and the complexities of …



Interview: Frank Thiel, Quezon Power EGCO, Philippines

Frank Thiel of Quezon Power EGCO, Philippines, talks about how the Philippines has achieved significant economic growth in the last three years, growing at better than seven percent GDP, and how the power sector is a major driver for creating …



Interview: Jose Silvestre Natividad, President, Sunwest Water and Electric Co., Philippines

Jose Silvestre Natividad, President of Sunwest Water and Electric Co., Philippines, talks about his belief in the business of renewable energy, commenting that hydro has a competitive advantage in the Philippines and incredible potential. He also emphasizes that Suweco endeavors …



Interview: Fergus Ewing, Minister of Energy, Scottish Government

Fergus Ewing, The Scottish government’s Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Tourism discusses Aberdeen’s positioning as oil capital of Europe, its search for skilled work forces, and how Scotland is renowned for its capability to build value beyond volume. Aberdeen is …




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