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Energy Efficiency for the Oil and Gas Industry

22.04.2015 / Industrias Energéticas

At Industrias Energéticas, SA de CV, we offer energy solutions to ensure the electrical supply and efficient management of energy, while preserving the environment. As a Mexican company, we are lucky to have the recent reforms in the energy field, which set out new laws and strategies for national climate change as defined by the new federal government. These shall soon enter into force and will apply to all federal agencies, as well as public and private organizations.

This benefits and gives great confidence to the oil and gas sector, and the communities in general, as it revolutionizes the way the industry goes about doing business in a more environmentally conscious manner and addressing the challenges of climate change.

Our partnership with Capstone Turbine Corporation, in place for over seven years, is a clear demonstration of our commitment to the generation of clean green energy. The technology used emits the lowest atmosphere emissions by using a single moving part, the shaft or bearing arrow, and runs on a cushion of air at speeds that reach 96,000 RPM, free of oils, lubricants or greases, which together prevent vibrations and the need for constant change of retrofitting and maintenance (scheduled or otherwise), with the first service usually taking place at 8000 hours of use. The implementation of these equipment in places where strategic and reliable energy is required makes Capstone the only reliable microturbine in the world.

Applications in the oil and gas industry are numerous and include general applications such as distributed energy, cogeneration and tri-generation systems, self-generation in remote locations, back-up systems and systems for peak shaving.

Indeed, the microturbines are modular equipment that allow for the production of premium and high quality energy, due to their fourth-generation electronics that are reliable and characterized by minimal maintenance. The different models approved by “UL” are manufactured under the most stringent safety standards in modules of 30 Kw, 65 Kw, 200 Kw, 400 Kw, 600 Kw, 800 Kw and 1000 Kilowatts in ISO-certified containers.

Main Characteristics of Capstone’s microturbines include:

  • Work with various fuels: natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) – propane, gas from oil wells or offshore platforms, diesel / gas oil, kerosene, biogas
  • Generate power of superior quality to that of the network, without distortion
  • Simplicity of construction: just a single moving part
  • Avoids use of greases, lubricants and coolants
  • High reliability and virtually maintenance free
  • In cogeneration systems, achieves energy efficiencies of up to 80 percent
  • Ability to operate in parallel with the established network, increasing the installed capacity of distribution as a generator of base or peak shaving or in isolated generation
  • Automatic operation that is digitally controlled remotely though a PC via modem, ModBus, etc.
  • Minimal emissions

The modules operate in parallel to each other and/or with the grid, without the need for synchronizing or parallelism panels. In addition to this, it is possible to link several Capstone microturbines in order to provide a generation capacity of up to 10 Mw from a single site.

The ability to produce “on-site” allows you to expand the capacity of the system to the benefit of both electrical distributors and users.

When the electrical infrastructure is at its limit and demand continues to rise, “on-site” production allows you to expand the capacity of the system in accordance with the capacity of the installed generators. Thus energy delivery is enhanced without the costs and delays associated with the installation of additional power lines and transformers of higher capacity.

This functionality is also beneficial to utility providers in the areas where network capacity is restricted, minimizing required investment in infrastructures, as well as the end-user that continues to receive reliable power with minimal delay and cost.

This emerging and new technology, allows you to operate modular systems for power generation in parallel with the network, without the need for electromechanical elements or panels of synchronicity.

These systems are compliant with standards as demanding as the UL 2200 and UL 1741. Likewise, Capstone Turbine Corporation is a public company traded on the American Stock Exchange Values of CPST (NASDAQ) and must comply with policies and strict rules imposed by the American laws, including ISO 9001:2008 and UL 14001:2004, in addition to the standards issued by the US Agency for Environmental Protection (EPA).

Studies published in 2002 by the EPA revealed that the United States emitted almost 6.4 billion tons of CO2 and close to 22 million tons of nitrogen oxide (NOx). Electricity generation accounted for 39 percent of total CO2 emissions and 21 percent of total NOx emissions. Other pollutants emitted during electricity generation include carbon monoxide (CO) and total hydrocarbons (THC). Each one of these emissions can have significant environmental and health effects. Moreover, CO2 is a greenhouse gas linked to global climate change. CO, THC and other compounds of the NOx family have been shown to cause a wide range of environmental and health impacts (US EPA, 2006b).

The use of the Capstone Microturbines in Mexico’s oil & gas sector offers numerous advantages. For instance, it can serve to development costs of natural gas by taking advantage of the positive context that the market has to offer today, largely as a result of the significant 2P reserves we have in Mexico in a wide range of areas throughout the length and breadth of the republic. Together with the relatively low price of natural gas and increasing demand for energy will help to promote the development of Mexico’s energy infrastructure in general.

This competition also positively influences energy saving projects in Mexico. To rely on technologies such as Capstone Turbine Corporation allows consumers to substitute their reliance of electricity generated by utility providers (CFE) with natural gas, delivering greater benefits at lower costs. Examples of this are natural gas cogeneration and tri-generation projects.

The world today is talking about that the next 30 years to come and how it will represent the golden era of natural gas. Mexico cannot be excluded from that conversation. To have a prominent future, emphasis should be placed into the development of natural gas infrastructure and distribution because once you get past that stage, the potential for economic growth will be significant.

In order to minimize our environmental impact, already existing policies and regulations need to be applied more strictly with a rigorous attitude and a policy of zero tolerance.

Mexico faces the great opportunity to take advantage of the vast resources of natural gas it possesses, both in conventional fields of associated and unassociated natural gas, as well as in unconventional resources including shale gas.

A low cost of energy is, without a doubt, a competitive advantage for the attraction of investments in those industries characterized by the intensive use of energy including glass, food, steel, automotive, aeronautics and paper production, as well as in petrochemicals and textiles. As significant sources of employment, direct and indirect, for Mexico and its people, these are strategically important industries that we must continue to enhance their competitiveness and develop.

The low prices that have prevailed since 2009 from our benchmark market (south Texas) are also reflected in the country in such a way that today Mexican consumers are paying the lowest natural gas prices over the past decade.

Natural gas is the fuel and engine of Mexico’s economic growth and consolidation over its short-term future. The competitiveness of this fuel is proven and will be the basis for a better present and future for the republic.


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