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WorleyParsons SA

South Africa

Address: Cape Town

Tel: +27 21 912 3000

Web: www.worleyparsons.com/Pages/default.aspx

Company description

WorleyParsons SA was established in January 2008 when PANGAEA, founded in 2002, formed a 50/50 joint equity company with WorleyParsons to pursue and execute work in South Africa across all business sectors. The credentials of WorleyParsons SA span across all project phases (Concept, Front End Engineering, Basic Engineering, PMC and EPCM) related to all major types of technology included within Hydrocarbons, Power, Minerals & Metals and Infrastructure. This is strongly supported by WorleyParsons’ international network. Strong focus on project delivery, HSE and depth of experience in design, equipment sourcing and local presence by WorleyParsons SA, all combined, give us a leading edge as partner on any project. We recognize the need to balance cost versus "value add" to deliver a cost-effective solution to our customers. WorleyParsons SA is capable and has an extensive track record in Project Management, Engineering & Design, Construction Management and Procurement. WorleyParsons SA currently employs over 120 people and has offices in Pretoria, Secunda and Cape Town.

Products and services

Power & Energy, Hydrocarbons, Minerals & Metals, Infrastructure

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