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Women in Oil and Energy South Africa – WOESA

South Africa

Address: 15 Gold Reef Road Ormonde, Ext 35 2091

Tel: +27 11 835 1880

Web: www.woesa.com

Company description

WOESA is a Section 21 Company whose aim is to facilitate and promote business opportunities for and enhance the participation of South African women in the oil and energy sector. Black women in South Africa have either been at the lowest end of any form of business opportunity, or totally excluded. It therefore is imperative for women to focus cohesively on addressing their unique position in order to address these facts. WOESA’s first priority is to facilitate women’s participation in business opportunities in the oil, gas and other energy sector in South Africa. WOESA offers services to its member companies, organisations and individuals, that focus on developing a knowledge base and building capacity amongst women through education and training. We facilitate access to business opportunities; we do advocacy work for women by participating in drafting legislation and policies. WOESA further endeavours to facilitate access to funding for women. Transformation and the development of historically disadvantaged women is not only what we talk about; WOESA is there to ensure that equal opportunities for women and particularly black women in South Africa become a fact in the oil and energy sector. WOESA was officially launched at the International Conference Centre in Durban on the 9th March 2002. the then Minister of Minerals and Energy, our Deputy President, Ms. Phumzilee Mlambo – NgcUnited Kingdoma, opened the official launch.

Products and services

Vision WOESA’s vision is: “To be the leading organisation in facilitating the participation of women in business ventures in the oil, gas and other energy sectors.” Mission WOESA will ensure meaningful participation of women in business ventures in the oil, gas and other energy sectors by: Creating a platform and network for women in these sectors nationally Engineering a broad-based understanding of these industry sectors through targeted interventions e.g. training Identifying and sharing business opportunities for the members of the forum Interfacing with all relevant stakeholders to foster a conducive environment to the empowerment of women Actively lobbying to make appropriate energy resources more accessible to the poor. The activities of WOESA benefit all women seeking to participate in the oil and energy sectors. WOESA provides specific services to enhance women participation in the oil and energy sector. These services include: Organising workshops and conferences Develop a knowledge base and make it accessible to its members Training Interface between members and business opportunities Networking, lobbying and advocacy Participation in drafting legislation and policies Facilitation of access to finance/funding for business opportunities for women in the oil and energy sector Developing and maintaining an interactive website with information for members only, containing news, legislation, articles, business opportunities, calendar and more. Recruitment of women in the oil and energy sector

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