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Western Cape Government of South Africa

South Africa

Address: 142 Long Street, Cape Town

Tel: 0860 142 142

Web: www.westerncape.gov.za

Company description

The Western Cape Government works in co-operation with national government to create laws for and provide services to the people of the Western Cape. The Western Cape Government (WCG) consists of 13 departments, namely: Department of Agriculture Department of Community Safety Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport Department of Economic Development and Tourism Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning Department of Health Department of Human Settlements Department of Local Government Department of Social Development Department of Transport and Public Works Department of the Premier Provincial Treasury Western Cape Education Department Working with a budget of R33.2 billion (in 2010), these departments are responsible for implementing laws and providing services to the people of the Western Cape. The Western Cape is situated on the south western tip of the African continent and is one of the nine provinces of South Africa. This province is also home to South Africa's oldest city, Cape Town. The Western Cape's natural beauty, complemented by its hospitality, cultural diversity, excellent wine and colourful cuisine, makes the province one of the world's greatest tourist attractions. More than 5.4 million people live in the Western Cape on 129 370 km² of land (PGWC: Provincial Treasury - Provincial Economic Review & Outlook - PERO 2011). Afrikaans is spoken by the majority, with isiXhosa and English being the other main languages. The province has the lowest unemployment rate in the country, namely 22.2% (PERO 2011), compared with the national average of 23.2%. Information and communications technology (ICT) is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the province, and operations are being expanded to other provinces. The clothing and textile industry remains the most significant industrial source of employment in the province.

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MANDATES (Objectives) 1. Increase economic empowerment for all the people of the Western Cape. 2. Reduce poverty through promoting opportunities for all. 3. Promote rural development. 4. Efficient and effective infrastructure. 5. Sustainable human settlements. 6. Improve individual and household capacity to respond to opportunity. 7. Improve efficiency and effectiveness in health, education, well-being and safety. 8. Sustainable resource use through greater spatial integration. 9. Effective public and non-motorised transport. 10. Responsive and effective governance.

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