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Address: Gydevang 25, 3450 Alleroed, Denmark

Tel: +45 48143514

Web: www.welltec.com

Company description

Welltec develops and provides well solutions for the oil and gas industry. The technology and services are tailored to enhance recovery rates and are provided in the form of well completion technology and intervention services that support both performance and integrity. The solutions are applicable for all types of onshore and offshore well environments including the harshest and most unforgiving. They cover the complete life cycle of a well - from appraisal to plug and abandonment. Offshore solutions can be deployed from production rigs and similar or subsurface by riserless intervention deployed from light intervention vessels. Welltec is founded on the pioneering work which resulted in the Well Tractor®, revolutionized the industry and paved the way for deviated and horizontal wells. Established in 1994, Welltec has today become a globally recognized world leader within well solutions and now operates out of bases on all continents. Over the years Welltec has gradually evolved from a dedicated conveyance provider to a provider of comprehensive services. Welltec is a solution-driven company that develops, proves and applies technology to address the challenges of tomorrow. Therefore the boundaries of conventional oil and gas field technology are continuously being pushed to move the envelope and force constant development in pursuance of new frontiers. Today more than 1000 employees work at Welltec and the growth continuous as the solutions spread.

Products and services

technology and a determination to enhance personnel safety and health while reducing the environmental risks, fuel consumption and carbon footprints.

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