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Welltec Norway


Address: Hammaren 23, 4056 Tananger

Web: www.welltec.com

Company description

Welltec develops and provides well technology and solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our technology and solutions are dedicated to aid in optimizing the performance of reservoirs by providing the necessary solutions to do so, both in the form of well completion technology and intervention solutions which ensure the well performance and integrity. Our solutions are applicable for all types of onshore and offshore well environments including the most extreme and hostile ones such as deepwater, subsea, extended reach, high-yield, heavy oil and unconventional gas well environments. All phases of a well’s life are covered, from appraisal to plug and abandonment. Welltec is a solution-driven company where we develop and apply proven technology to address the challenges of tomorrow’s needs. We continue to push the boundaries of conventional oil field technology to their limits and force the only constant parameter we know: change. Only through constant change are we capable of capturing the necessary improvements to assure a strong future for our stakeholders: the industry, our clients and employees.

Products and services

Welltec's solutions are developed to provide the oil and gas industry with competitive well solutions and range from well completion solutions to subsequent well intervention and maintenance, which ensure optimal performance. All solutions are based on the groundbreaking tractor technology, which has formed the company. Our motivation has always been an urge to challenge existing practices and devise new and better methods for development and management of oil and gas reserves. This urge governs our mission. Our mission is to develop and deliver solutions which enable our clients to optimize the value of their oil and gas reserves by minimizing reservoir uncertainties and maximizing flexibility. The core of our philosophy is to challenge, pursue and develop the optimal solutions based on their premises and our expertise. Embedded in the philosophy is a continuous effort to promote clean technology and advance ongoing efforts to enhance personnel safety and health while reducing their environmental risks, fuel consumption and carbon footprints. Our range of well completion solutions offer a number of competitive solutions which enable wells to come on stream faster. These are supplemented with our wide range of intervention solutions spanning from well logging and surveillance measurements to complex cleanout and maintenance operations.

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