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Weatherford Russian Federation

Address: Magistralnaya str., 14 Buzuluk Russian Federation

Tel: 35342-7-79-49

Web: http://www.weatherford.ru/

Company description

Weatherford maintains 27 offices and operations facilities in Russian Federation. Our Moscow office serves as the primary headquarters for our operations in Russian Federation. We have subdivided Russian Federation into two geographic regions, Siberia and Volga-Urals, each with independent regional headquarters offices, in Nizhnevartovsk and BuzulUnited Kingdom respectively. We have representative offices in Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk, in addition to operations facilities throughout the country.

Products and services

product and service portfolio spans the life cycle of a well—drilling, evaluation, completion, production and intervention. Established offerings consist of multiple well construction and completion products and services. More recent additions include directional drilling, reservoir evaluation services and well testing, which encompasses early production facility (EPF) installation and maintenance. We also have a total fleet of 76 land rigs, consisting of 33 pad rigs, including two new rigs with dual-axis skidding capability (hook-load capacity ranges from 200 to 320 tons); 19 mobile rigs for re-entry drilling or shallow wells drilling (hook-load capacity ranges from 120 to 200 tons); and 24 conventional rigs for medium/deep drilling (hook-load capacity ranges from 200 to 400 tons). We also have 135 workover units in Russian Federation. Additionally, as our global track record illustrates, we are highly adept at drawing on our range of competencies to deliver total project management services.

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