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Vopak Asia Pte Ltd


Address: 460 Alexandra Road, #32-03, PSA Building, 119963 Singapore

Tel: +65 6 273 5677

Web: www.vopakasia.com

Company description

With a history going back almost four centuries, Vopak is the world’s largest provider of conditioned storage facilities for bulk liquids. Whether it’s liquid or gaseous chemicals, oil products, petrochemicals, biofuels or vegetable oils, we offer complete storage and transshipment solutions at 80 terminals in 32 countries, covering and connecting the world’s major shipping lanes. Vopak offers more storage capacity than any other independent tank terminal operator in the world. Vopak distinguishes itself by offering service solutions that addresses a single, but crucial part of the supply chain and then taking it one step further. When you choose to work with Vopak, our operational and safety standards apply to every country and continent where we operate. That means, we offer uniform quality wherever you take your shipments, conditioning your products, keeping them safe, and keeping them secure - from ship to shore and from shore to inland transportation. Vopak’s experts in our offices and in the field listen to your needs and provide solutions to suit your specific liquids business. Our history and track record in bulk liquids storage, and health, safety and environmental care is unequaled in the sector. Our core competency is your peace of mind. Vopak operates in nine countries in Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, China, Japan, Pakistan, Vietnam and Indonesia. Activities in Australia are also part of the Asia division. The rendering of services encompass of tank storage of oil products, gases and chemicals, supplemented by logistic services (aimed at the stored products). Besides Rotterdam/Antwerp, Houston, Fujairah and Singapore is one of Vopak’s key hub locations, where various functions are combined, ranging from import and export to regional distribution activities. The terminal network in Asia, with a total capacity of 6.25 million cbm, also includes a number of industrial terminals, in these terminals, Vopak undertakes logistic tasks for our customers at nearby chemical complexes, in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China and Pakistan. These services often go hand-in-hand with long-term contracts. Based on the company’s extensive experience in this field, Vopak is a reliable partner for our customers, with numbers constantly expanding throughout the region.

Products and services

supplemented by logistic services (aimed at the stored products).

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