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Van Oord

Address: Russian Federation, St-Petersburg, 76A 7th line, V.O., 199179

Tel: +7 812 332 9275

Web: www.vanoord.com

Company description

Van Oord is a leading international contractor specializing in dredging, marine engineering and offshore projects (oils, gas and wind). We are an innovative partner for our clients and, for over one hundred years, have been helping to create the infrastructure for the world of tomorrow. The growing world population needs more space and the demand for energy is rinsing constantly. Increasing world trade requires more and better port facilities and climate change is threatening coastal areas. Van Oord provides innovative solutions for these worldwide maritime challenges, both now and in the future. Van Oord is Dutch-based, independent family business, which is characterized by visible leadership, long-term vision and a sound financial position. Substantial investments in people and equipment are made with great care to ensure the continuity of our business. Our staff are committed, entrepreneurial professionals who are passionate about water and technology. They know the importance of cooperation in achieving the best possible result. By being open and honest, they build on mutual trust and respect.

Products and services

Dredging - dredging ports and channels (rivers, canals) - dredging sand to create new land in the sea Offshore - installing rock on subsea oil and gas pipelines - digging trenches for pipelines and laying the pipelines Coastal construction - building dikes - constructing jetties and breakwaters - replenishing the sand on beaches Marine engineering - building quay walls (the quays where large ships dock in ports) - building moorings Dry infrastructure - supplying sand - constructing earth tracks (the foundations for a motorway, for example)

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