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Van Oord


Address: Schaardijk 211 3063 NH Rotterdam The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)88 8260000

Web: www.vanoord.com

Company description

Van Oord contributes to a safe and prosperous world by building crucial infrastructure on land and sea. Such as coastal defences against climate change. Energy and tourism facilities that sustain our economies. And reclaimed land on which booming cities can expand. Our 4,500 people excel at dredging and marine contracting. With one of the world's most advanced fleets at our disposal and an extensive portfolio of projects, we are shaping the world for decades to come. In a sustainable way, that balances ambition with responsibility.

Products and services

infrastructure, protect coastal areas and construct ports. On land, the company consolidates and stabilises soil, while out at sea, Van Oord builds wind parks and protect vital subsea oil and gas infrastructure.

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