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Ulstein Group


Address: NO-6067 Ulsteinvik, Norway,Brazil

Tel: +47 7000 8000

Web: http://www.ulstein.com/kunder/ulstein/cms66.nsf

Company description

The company Ulstein Mekaniske Verksted was established in 1917 by Martin Ulstein. Today, the company is run by his grandchildren, with Gunvor Ulstein as CEO. It started as a small, family-owned shipyard engaged in ship repair. Over the years Ulstein Group has developed expertise in ship design, shipbuilding and solutions within systems & services. Today Ulstein Group has approximately 800 employees. Ulstein Group has been in Brazil since 2005 through the electro systems & service company Ulstein Belga Marine, and recently opened a sales office there.

Products and services

Shipbuilding: Ulstein Group builds vessels, such as offshore support, offshore construction, seismic and research vessels, with a strong focus on innovative technological solutions and methods. Engineering Facilities: Services provided include basic design, detail engineering, system integration, project management and site supervision. Strategic consultancy service for fleet renewal and vessel investment: Performed in collaboration with the customer and relevant experts, the Ulstein Accelerated Business Development (ULSTEIN ABD) process takes approximately one to two months from start to finish. The facilitator guides participants, following a pre-set structure that is flexible enough for individual adaptations. Design and Solutions: Ulstein Group offers a broad range of ship designs for demanding operations, with a strong focus on enhanced fuel efficiency, reliability and safety. Ship design package: Ulstein Group offers ship design packages to the international market with an emphasis on offshore support vessels, heavy offshore vessels and shortsea vessels. Vessels designed by Ulstein are built at shipyards worldwide.

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