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Transnet Pipelines

South Africa

Address: 202 Anton Lembede (Smith) Street Durban 4001

Tel: +27 31 361 1456

Web: www.transnetpipelines.net

Company description

Transnet Pipelines, formerly known as Petronet, the custodian of the country’s strategic pipeline assets, is currently servicing two key industries (fuel and gas) by transporting petroleum and gas products over varying distances. Our business, having been established in 1965, is integral to the well-being of the South African economy. It is Transnet Pipelines’s policy to monitor continually the integrity of its pipeline network. To this end an internal inspection tool, commonly known as an Intelligent Pig has been implemented. The instrument uses the magnetic stray flux principle to determine and record any possible areas of metal loss due to corrosion and/or other phenomenon. The results of the Intelligent Pig survey indicate that the pipeline is generally in a good condition. The pipelines are also cathodically protected against electrolytic corrosion. Transnet Pipelines is acknowledged as one of the leaders in the development of this technology in South Africa. Monthly helicopter inspections are carried out to ensure that the servitudes are free of encroachments and that no washaways or other damage to the servitude or loss of cover over the pipe has occurred. Concrete markers are installed along the pipeline route to ensure that the precise position of the buried pipe is known. Route co-ordinates of the pipeline are filed with the relevant Deed’s Office’s. The route is also depicted on records at various Local Authorities such as Durban. The registered servitudes generally embrace the right for Transnet Pipelines to lay, maintain and operate the said pipelines. The servitudes are registered in the various Deeds Offices and are also registered against each title Deed. The landowners that were compensated at the time of expropriation generally retain the use of the land for agricultural and other shallow surface and non-permanent structures. This allows for unobstructed access to the pipeline at all times. A detailed Strategic Maintenance Plan (SMP) for all assets in Transnet Pipelines has been compiled and projects are at present being monitored by a Steering Committee to ensure that the culture of continuous improvement in Transnet Pipelines is upheld. As a result of high technical standards self-imposed in Transnet Pipelines we are well placed to conform to the pending technical regulation of petroleum pipelines.

Products and services

New multi products pipeline - NMPP

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