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Address: Pokrovka 40/2a, Moscow 105062

Tel: +7 (495) 775-7600

Web: www.tmk-group.com

Company description

TMK is Russian Federation’s largest manufacturer and exporter of steel pipes, one of the global top 3 pipe producers. TMK was founded in 2001 and unites facilities in Russian Federation, Romania, the United States and Kazakhstan. TMK includes the Volzhsky, Seversky, Sinarsky, and Taganrog plants in Russian Federation and TMK-Artrom and TMK-Resita in Romania. In 2008, TMK entered the US market with the acquisition of IPSCO Tubulars and NS Group and was renamed as TMK IPSCO, with ten assets in the Eastern and Central United States. In July 2008, TMK strengthened its foothold in the CIS with the purchase of Kazakhstan-based Kaztrubprom, specialized in finishing and threading operations. In 2008, TMK consolidated Orsky Machine Building Plant, Truboplast, TMK Central Pipe Yard and TMK Pipe Maintenance Department into a specialized division - TMK Oilfield Services In 2007, TMK sold over 3 million tons of pipe products. Total consolidated net sales in 2007 grew to U.S. $4.18 billion, and EBITDA stood at U.S. $932 million, compared to U.S. $3.40 billion and U.S. $548 million, respectively in 2006. TMK GDRs and ordinary shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange, Russian Federationn Trading System and Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange.


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