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Address: 105066, Россия, г. Москва, Спартаковская ул., д. 2а, стр. 1

Tel: +7 (499) 265-45-00

Web: tep-m.ru

Company description

"Institute Teploelectroproject" have built up over more than 90-year history of experience, is today a leader in the field of thermal power projects on organic fuels (coal, natural gas, fuel oil) with the installation of steam turbine, combined cycle, gas-turbine units. Its history Teploelectroproject leads from the date of October 20, 1918 the first session of the Central Council of the Electrical SEC decision on the establishment of the Bureau for the design of the first district of electric power stations on the suburban turf and coal (Project Office) within the Department of Electrical installations Elektrostroya.


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