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Teekay Shipping Norway


Address: Verven 4, N-4068 Stavanger

Tel: +47 51 44 27 00

Web: www.teekay.no

Company description

Teekay is a shipping companies with 6,000 employees at sea and on land. It is strongly growing in the liquefied gas, and is also an important player in the floating production offshore. With a fleet of over 180 ships and office locations in 17 countries, Teekay is a major supplier of marine services to the world's leading oil and gas companies. In Norway, Teekay has 300 employees in its offices in Stavanger and Trondheim. 900 seamen have their affiliation with the Norwegian part of the business. Trondheim office takes care of tasks related to the floating production, while at the Stavanger office is specialised in bringing oil from the oil fields offshore and transporting it to where the customer wants it delivered.


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