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Tapia Construcciones Industriales Mexico


Address: Jose Maria Pino Suarez 50 Atitalacia, 42970 Tula, Hidalgo, Mexico

Tel: +52 778 738 0035

Web: www.ciatapia.com.mx

Company description

Construcciones Industriales Tapia S.A. de C.V. was founded in 1997 as a result of the experience gathered by Manufacturing and Assembly of Steel Structures SA company specialized in the metalworking industry. Since then they are committed to deliver high quality products that exceed their client expectations, within time and target. Tapia worked under the certification ISO 9001:2008 with a policy of strict adherence to the specifications and contract terms, codes and standards, the procedures of thier system of quality and safety. Thus they are able to meet the stringent requirements of their domestic and foreign customers. Construcciones Industriales Tapia SA de CV is a 100% Mexican company with extensive experience in the field of steel and metal construction. They have the machinery and the necessary equipment to resolve any problems quickly and efficiently. They have manufactured and placed more than 22,000 tons per year of steel structure and installed more than 850 000 "annual diametric pipe and pipeline process. They are committed to growth, care and the economic development of their country, its people, their customers and suppliers. Tapia have always offer competitive prices to establish a general system of construction which ensures the timely delivery of their work consolidating theri position as a reliable company.

Products and services

They offer the full range of specialty services of metalmechanical: • Engineering Workshop. • Supply of materials. • Manufacture and assembly of steel structure. • Pipe installation enabled. • Iron work. • Application of corrosion and thermal coatings. • Maintenance work equipment and tanks. • Manufacture and assembly of pressure vessels.

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