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Swiber Holdings Limited


Address: 12 International Business Park, Cyberhub@ IBP #04-01, Singapore 609920

Tel: +65 6505 0800

Web: swiber.com

Company description

Swiber delivers innovation and value to our customers throughout the full spectrum of an offshore oil and gas project from exploration to production and they have trusted in our ability to plan and execute a project from start to completion. Swiber’s fully integrated business model, where our offshore marine fleet is utilised for our offshore EPIC activities, presents enhanced efficiency, timely project delivery and competitive pricing. Swiber’s core business segments are classified under four main business units, namely, Swiber Offshore Construction Services (SOCS), Newcruz Offshore Marine Services (NOMS), Kreuz Offshore Subsea Services (KOSS), and Equatorial Offshore Development Services (EODS).

Products and services

Swiber provides a full suite of Offshore Construction Services encompassing Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and (EPIC) services. Through our team of highly experienced engineers and an extensive fleet of modern support and construction vessels, we deliver integrated and innovative solutions to a wide and diverse range of projects, even in the most challenging offshore environments. Transportation and installation of fixed offshore platforms Transportation and installation of subsea pipelines Floating Production Systems (FPS) Subsea field commissioning FPSO, FSO, CALM Buoy Mooring installation services Vessel life extension Platform construction Project management Offshore Marine Services Swiber offers a spread of Offshore Marine Services that are highly complementary to its offshore EPIC business. These services include extensive marine offshore services, yard facilities with a comprehensive and growing capability for ship repair, conversion and construction, subsea support services and a widening range of engineering design, fabrication and offshore engineering services. This line of business is mainly operated through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Newcruz International. Marine transportation Charter of offshore marine support vessels Provision of diving support vessels Shipyard facilities Ship repair and maintenance services Shipbuilding services Subsea support services Conceptualisation and feasibility Front end engineering design Mooring systems design Basic and detailed engineering Start up and commissioning Operations and maintenance Kreuz is principally involved in the provision of subsea services which includes activities supporting new offshore installation and construction projects, as well as, IRM of existing offshore production and pipeline facilities. Our services include: Subsea Construction and Installation: Installation of pipeline, jacket, remote shut down valves, risers, spools, hot taps; Decommissioning of platforms; Subsea tie-ins involving pipelines connections to subsea pipeline end manifolds, offshore platforms and other pipelines; Subsea pipeline hot tap and leak repairs; Stabilisation of pipelines, correction of pipelines crossing and riser installation; and Any other activities under subsea construction and installation. Subsea IRM: Subsea support and survey using diving/Remotely Operated Vehicle ("ROV") for stabilisation of steel pipelines, laying of cables, flexible flow lines, and installation of risers, spool pieces, conductor guide framings; Non-destructive testing of steel and concrete structures and pipelines to confirm integrity and assess damage and stability of offshore structures and pipelines; and Repair and remedial works on problems reported during inspection surveys. Our subsea services are mainly performed through air diving and saturation diving operations. Air diving allows the diver to dive up to depths of 165 feet whereas saturation diving allows the diver to perform subsea operations depths of between 60 to 1000 feet. We have been involved in projects located in India, Malaysia, Brunei, Myanmar, Indonesia and Thailand. We currently own and operate a fleet of two work accommodation dive support vessels, one 12-man saturation diving system and six air diving systems The Offshore Development Services is the newest business unit of Swiber. It is tasked to spearhead the corporate business development, specifically in new sectors such as the alternative energy sources - where the offshore EPIC services and marine assets of Swiber can be aligned to.

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