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Strategic Energy Development Fund Foresight

Address: г. Москва, ул. Студенческая, д. 33, стр. 14

Tel: +7 495 984 8063

Web: foresight-fund.ru

Company description

Our mission - to promote the construction and development of efficient energy management in Russian Federation balancing the interests of all participants in the electricity market. In the future, we plan to become a respected leader in consulting and engineering services in the electricity market, we state the main priorities of the development and improvement of the industry. We offer and supply management technologies in the energy sector, "turnkey", making it possible for our partners to experience economic utility from them, even in the early stages of making a decision on them.

Products and services

Analysts at investment banks and funds. • Analysts energy intensive consumers. • Analysts state agencies. • Analysts generators. • Manufacturers, marketiruyuschie products. • Companies entering the energy market.

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