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Stena Bulk Singapore


Address: #44-01 Suntec Tower 4, 6 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038 986

Tel: +65 6336 5953

Web: www.stenabulk.com

Company description

Stena Bulk is one of the world’s leading tanker shipping companies. We provide safe and cost-efficient transports of crude oil and refined petroleum at sea. We operate about 80 tankers totalling approximately 8.3 million tonnes deadweight. As part of the Stena Sphere, which has more than 18,800 employees in Sweden and abroad, we have skilled and resourced cooperation partners. Our customers include major oil and chemical companies, as well as independent trading houses. We supply them with innovative solutions to satisfy their transport and logistical needs. It includes everything from first-class ship operation and the use of high-performance vessels to well developed logistical networks. In addition to oil and product shipping, we also develop, design and build new vessels. Simply put, we strive to increase safety and efficiency, and thus, to improve our customers’ competitiveness through cutting edge vessel design. Taken together, we are active in all the segments of the tanker market.

Products and services

Our Fleet - 8.5 million tonnes deadweight Today our fleet consists of about 80 vessels of different types and sizes. In broad outline, the fleet is divided into two groups: The MAX vessels and other tankers (such as Panamaxes, Aframaxes and S-47s). No matter what vessel type it is, there is one accurate description that is valid for all ships in our fleet: Innovation and Performance. The MAX concept The idea to build the MAX concept started with the need for vessels to be able to operate in waters and ports with draft limitations. Through the MAX concept we made it possible to enter shallow waterways, and at the same time we increased loading capacity to substantially more cargo than previously possible. In addition, safety was considerably improved. The key is vessels that are much wider than other in the same size class. Their larger beam gives them a larger loading capacity without affecting their draft. And through double systems for propulsion and manoeuvring proactive safety measures are taken. In 2001, we took delivery of the first two Stena V-MAX vessels. They made up the beginning of a new wide-body product line. Today the MAX series consists of three different types of vessels (V-MAX, P-MAX and C-MAX), and more are under development. Other tankers Ships classified as Panamax have a capacity of up to 75,000 dwt, which is the maximum dimension for passage through the locks of the Panama Canal. Our fleet includes both traditional double-hull Panamax tankers and several in-house designed Stena Ice-Panamaxes. With their ice-class, these vessels provide safe passage through narrow waters from the Baltic Sea to both the US east and west coasts. Aframax ships are oil tankers with capacities between 80,000 and 120,000 dwt. Our fleet includes both traditional Aframax tankers and several in-house designed Stena Ice-Aframaxes, built to navigate the Baltic Sea, even in extreme conditions with up to a metre thick ice (ice class 1A Super). The S-47 is a Middle Range (MR) Product and Chemical tanker in worldwide service with a capacity of 47,200 dwt.

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