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Address: Russian Federation, 105318, Moscow, 15 Ibragimova St.

Tel: +7 (499) 402-89-74

Web: www.stse.ru

Company description

Company is active in the following stages of Project development: Planning of Investment projects from concept to commissioning; Management and development of Project documentation and Detail Design Documentation; Subcontractors selection and management of subcontracted activities; Support to Client in obtaining permits and approvals; Project documentation support in approvals authorities; Construction activities field supervision.

Products and services

Projects performed in 2006 - 2011, including offshore activities: Construction Field Supervision, “Sakhalin 1. Flowlines from the Orlan platform to the Chayvo OPF facility. Export oil pipeline from the Chayvo OPF facility to the DeKastri Oil Loading Terminal; Detail Documentation “Oil Treatment Of Ice Resistant Platform (IRP-1) for the Yu.Korchagin Field” covering oil treatment, metering and loading, water treatment and injection into the oil formation, closed drain system, flaring system of high and low pressure, chemicals and methanol injection», work with the equipment vendors; Construction Field Supervision; Regulations, Executive Summary for Project, «Narrative for Start-up and Reaching Milestone Capacity (55000 b/day) of Oil Pipeline System from Platforms PA-A and PA-B to OET within 'Sakhalin II Pipeline System'. Phase 2»; «Narrative for Commissioning and Start-up of the Gas Pipeline System from Platforms PA-A, PA-B and Lun-A to LNG Plant Within the Framework of 'Sakhalin II Pipeline System'. Phase 2’». Project documentation, DD «Construction at V.Philanovskogo Oil Filed. IRP-2».

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