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Starlite Aviation Group

South Africa

Address: Hangar 123 Virginia Airport Durban North 4051

Tel: +27 (0) 31 571 6619

Web: www.starliteaviation.co.za

Company description

The Starlite Aviation Group has built a legacy of trust and professionalism, which has set the tone for an international reputation of the highest order. It is this very issue, which makes Starlite the company of choice for international relief programmes and helicopter contract work on a global scale. This reputation, coupled with the professional calibre of highly skilled personnel and premier world helicopter brands in the fleet, ensures that Starlite commands the reputation of a world leader in fast reacting helicopter aviation solutions. It is our priority of treating every aircraft and every mission as if it were our own, that guarantees the delivery of the highest standards of service. Our first priority is to provide an aviation product and service of the highest standard of international safety for both aircraft and personnel, that ensures our sustained profitability. We invest in our own people as our most valuable asset, and nurture the relationships in the communities in which we work. Every single member of our team, from frontline pilots to backroom maintenance experts, live our culture and in so doing, adopt the culture of the communities in which they provide services. Personal involvement, pride and consistency of delivery are the foundations of our reputation and the benchmark for our operating standards. The DNA of our business is Committed. Experienced. Passionate. It is the code by which we exist, without compromise or exception. Slade Thomas Chairman Starlite Aviation Group January 2009

Products and services

The Starlite Aviation Group has a long established international network and operational legacy with connections & experience with a wide variety of aircraft types & operators from all over the world. Starlite Aviation’s Group experience and ability to operate a wide variety of aircraft types are important factors that lead them to be called on to undertake offshore oil & gas support operations, relief contracts for existing clients and other International connections. To mobilise complete rescue, relief and operational teams professionally and swiftly has earned them a reputation of reliability and responsibility in any call to action, whenever, wherever, globally. The proven record of secured contracts show the commitment to this passionate field of business with dedication to this cause being unquestionable. At all times the cost effectiveness of any contract is of prime concern and therefore is also a major factor when providing competitive quotations especially for once off air cargo charters throughout the world. Role in Group Mobilise our shared know-how, expertise and passion for Helicopters in providing Helicopter Service Contracts to the Oil & Gas and NGO sectors, globally. Aim To become a major player in providing long-term helicopter services to international Oil and Gas Companies, NGO’s and Governments. Purpose Focus on Helicopter Service contracts, which require medium sized helicopters. Provide Mission Ready helicopters for multi-task configurations to the Oil and Gas industry, government and the NGO Relief sector globally. Remain the foremost experts at taking on complex assignments in remote locations focusing on fast deployment with onsite maintenance at the highest quality and safety standards. Helicopter Services In addition to the Contract services provided to Oil and Gas companies, NGO’s and Governments, Starlite also offers the following specific services: Executive Charter High altitude Mountain Rescue Maritime Offshore Support Law Enforcement Fire Fighting Pipeline & Power Line Patrol Vehicle Tracking Tourism Sightseeing Flights Aerial Photography / Filming Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Sling Work Surf Rescue Game Capture

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