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Songa Offshore


Songa LogoSonga Offshore is an International Midwater Drilling Contractor with a strong presence in the harsh environment of the North Atlantic basin. Its fleet is growing and it will soon be a dominant contractor in Norway, where it will have a fleet of seven midwater semisubmersibles and hold position as Statoil‘s largest drilling services provider.

With a robust management system and proven track record spanning eight years, and countries from Australia to Norway, Songa Offshore has proven itself to be a focused midwater expert providing safe and cost efficient operations.

Songa Offshore prides itself on working in the most challenging environments and under the most stringent regulatory regimes.  It embraced this challenge from the outset to encourage the organization to develop and maintain the highest quality management system possible, and to ensure the company standard would qualify it to work in any region of the world.

Songa Offshore also strives to be an employer of choice by recognizing the potential in people and investing in their development. Its fleet, exclusively in midwater, allows for increased promotion opportunities for employees across rigs of similar waterdepth and design.  Songa Offshore recognizes that having competent and passionate employees on our team is critical to our clients receiving safe and efficient drilling services


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