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Address: Av. Contralmirante Mora 1102, Callao,Peru

Tel: +511 413-1100

Web: http://www.sima.com.pe/

Company description

SIMA is a state company under private law that operates according to the policy of the Ministry of Defence, General Command of the Navy and the National Fund for Financing State Enterprise Activity (FONAFE). We have three operating centers, located strategically in sea and river ports in Peru. Our mission is to perform the maintenance, modernization, design and construction of the units of the Navy of Peru and complementary implementation of projects related to the marine industry and metal mechanics for the state and private sector within the highest standards of quality, to contribute to national defense and the socio-economic and technological development of the country. Currently, SIMA is one of the leading companies in the region in the field of shipbuilding and metalworking industry, and its workers are the main reason for this achievement and the most valuable asset that allows it to position itself as a leading company. We employ more than 2 000 people, including engineers and experienced technical staff with sufficient capacity to respond to more complicated situations, immediately raising innovative solutions. To ensure the quality and safety in our operations and meet and exceed customer expectations, we are certified to ISO 9001:2000 International Standard, and certification process on issues of health, occupational safety and environmental control.

Products and services

We serve the Navy and private customers in Peru and abroad, through a wide range of products. To date, we recorded the construction of more than a thoUnited States of Americand boats among which are high-aboard vessels of various types and sizes, warships, fishing, seagoing tugs, riverboats, among others, as well as hundreds of structures metal between road and pedestrian bridges, hydro-mechanical equipment, railway and port structures, fulfilling our commitment to continuous improvement in processes, thereby receiving recognition from our customers. The products and services offered to the domestic market have export destination, making appropriate use of our geographic advantages Operation Centers located in Callao, the main seaport of the South Pacific, in Chimbote, a major fishing port located on the north coast and in Iquitos, on the banks of the Amazon River. These centers have extensive facilities including building berths, repair levees, docks, piers and parking lots, and properly equipped workshops enable us to respond efficiently and timely requirements of a large number of customers.

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